What is a Master of Accountancy (MAcc) Degree?

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What is a master of accountancy?A master of accounting (MAcc) program delves into a greater breadth of knowledge and skillsets than a bachelor's degree in accounting, preparing students for careers in fields that require higher qualifications including government agencies, larger financial firms, and those who wish to start financial agencies.

The master of accountancy program at Southern Utah University has a 96.5% employment rate for program graduates. Most of these graduates are employed by accounting firms or government agencies.

So what is a master of accountancy and how can it help advance a career in accounting? Students in the MAcc program learn to:

Use quantitative analysis and information technology to support decision making

There is more to accounting than balancing accounts and crunching numbers. A master of accountancy graduate knows how to compute data, as well as interpret it and turn it into efficient and effective plans for the financial future. The program focuses on teaching the decision-making skills that go along with the accounting knowledge that an undergraduate accounting student develops.

Effectively communicate information relevant to accounting

A master of accounting is considered to be an expert in their field. Quite often, the people who want to consult experts will not have the same background as that expert. MAcc graduates need to be able to communicate a deeper understanding of the world of finance with clients, especially corporate management, who may not have that same deep understanding.

Develop resolve to have moral courage in accounting

Especially in the field of auditing, MAcc graduates need to have a moral compass that points toward ethical and legal business practices. The world of finance can be extraordinarily intimidating and needs strong moral guidance to ensure that everything is done above-board. A master of accountancy graduate needs to be able to stand their ground in the face of fraud and other illegal practices that they may come across in the world of accounting.

Prepare for a professional career in accounting

All specialized education points toward furthering your career. The previous three learning outcomes are all designed to put graduates a cut above their competition and set them up for success as professional accountants. SUU’s AACSB Accredited MAcc Program was established in part to satisfy Utah's requirement of 150 hours to take the Certified Public Accounting exam. A master’s degree in accounting could be the next step in your journey to professional success.


SUU’s Dixie L. Leavitt School of Business has offered a Masters of Accountancy (MAcc) degree for over 25 years. The AACSB Accredited MAcc Program was established to satisfy Utah's requirement of 150 hours to take the Certified Public Accounting exam. Learn more about SUU’s Master of Accounting Program.

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