What is a Master’s of Interdisciplinary Studies?

Posted: June 15, 2020 | Author: Grace Thorkelson | Read Time: 3 minutes

What is a master of interdisciplinary studiesA Master’s of Interdisciplinary Studies degree is designed to give students the ability to cater their degree to academic and professional goals. For students who have a difficult time deciding on only one field or simply prefer a combination, a Master’s of Interdisciplinary Studies proves to be beneficial by allowing students to choose a variety of areas to focus their studies on, rather than only one.

Prep Scholar said it this way, “If you’re looking for something more specialized, something that can combine your love for multiple disciplines into one complete package, interdisciplinary studies might be right for you.”

How an MIS Degree Works

MIS programs are personalized to the individual needs that each student might have. For instance, a student who dreams of being a senior manager at an engineering firm may determine that business administration, engineering, and leadership would better prepare them for the position, rather than an MBA itself. Thus, a student can take courses in each of the relevant areas, and graduate with a well-rounded degree that supports each facet of their future work.

Customize your degree

For many students, having a predetermined path to graduation may work great. But, for others it may seem that “there is too often no freedom to pursue coursework that does not adhere to the standards of the formatted degree. This is why the Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies can be so incredibly rewarding, providing the freedom and the rigor that is often sought by exceptional students.

Being able to customize your degree can help set you apart and prepare you for upper-echelon positions in the workplace, because of your knowledge and expertise in various fields.

Southern Utah University’s MIS Program

Southern Utah University’s MIS degree ranked 3rd in the Nation by Best College Reviews and can be completed online or via a hybrid format.

“The MIS Program benefits people that are looking to upgrade their academic credential, but whose needs didn’t comfortably fit into one of the other graduate programs,” said Dr. Steve Meredith, assistant to the president for institutional planning and effectiveness at SUU.

Students choose three blocks of study from the 18 options listed below, to cater their degree to their professional aspirations, as well as taking three foundational, research, and capstone courses. Here are the available blocks of study at SUU:

  • Arts Administration
  • Aviation
  • Brain-Based Learning
  • Business Administration
  • Contemporary Animal Services Leadership
  • Cybersecurity & Information Assurance
  • Education
  • General Studies
  • Leadership Studies
  • Music Technology
  • Non-Profit Management
  • Online Teaching
  • Professional Communication
  • Public Administration
  • School Library
  • Social Media & Public Relations
  • Special Education

Graduates of MIS programs across the nation rave about the flexibility that this 30-credit program offers to students from a wide array of backgrounds and career outlooks. From the beginning, students are required to develop a plan that lays out which areas of study they have chosen, which courses they will enroll in, and the rate at which they desire to proceed through the program. The program director or academic advisor reviews the tentative plan with the student, and discusses any challenges or barriers that students may face as they work towards graduation. The MIS program at SUU truly can be catered and personalized for you.

Take the next step

To contact one of SUU’s admissions officers to learn more about how the MIS program can benefit you call 435-865-8665 or email online@suu.edu.

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