What is the Graduate Bridge Program?

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What is the Graduate Bridge Program at SUU?Did you know that you can earn credit towards your master’s degree while working on your bachelor’s degree? Southern Utah University’s Graduate Bridge Program makes it possible for undergraduate students in their junior and senior years (students with 60+ credits) to enroll in up to 12 graduate credit hours (depending on the program) while they are still taking classes in their undergraduate program. Students earn credit simultaneously for both their undergraduate and graduate degrees, ultimately helping them get a jump start towards their master’s degree.

The Graduate Bridge Program helps students save time and money. Those graduate credits will be charged as undergraduate tuition and students are able to use their financial aid to help pay for the cost. This excellent opportunity is also extremely flexible due to many of SUU’s graduate programs being available fully online, allowing for seamless integration into your existing schedule.

SUU degree programs that participate in the Graduate Bridge Program, as well as how many credits can be obtained within each, are listed below.

  • Arts Administration, 9 credits
  • Business Analytics, 6 credits
  • Cyber Security and Information Assurance, 6 credits
  • Education, 12 credits
  • Interdisciplinary Studies, 9 credits
  • Music Technology, 9 credits
  • Professional Communication, 12 credits
  • Public Administration, 12 credits
How can the Graduate Bridge Program Help You?

This program is designed to “bridge” the undergraduate and the graduate program for current SUU students. The program helps students to save time and money, by allowing students to earn credit towards both degrees simultaneously, and helps create a smooth transition into their master’s program upon graduation.
The Graduate Bridge Program is an amazing opportunity to engage students in discovery and research of topics that will aid them in their future careers. Also, low-income students who start the bridge program during the summer may be eligible for a tuition scholarship or in-state tuition.

Am I eligible for SUU’s Graduate Bridge Program?

To qualify for the Graduate Bridge Program you must have at least 60 credits and be currently studying at SUU, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. The application for the Graduate Bridge Program can be found here.

What is the application process like?

After filling in your contact information, major, GPA, which program you are interested in, and start date, you will be asked to complete this prompt in 500 or fewer words: “Why are you interested in Graduate Bridge?” After submitting the application, students will receive an email informing them of their acceptance or denial to the program. After being accepted, reach out to the graduate advisor if you need assistance with enrolling in the correct courses.

How can I handle challenges during my time as a bridge student?

Finding a balance between social and academic life can be difficult for many college students, and making the jump to master’s level courses can be a definite adjustment. However, the bridge program can help students get a glimpse of what the master’s program entails, without jumping into it full-time. Avoiding procrastination and staying up to date on assignments will prove to help students be successful in completing their undergraduate degree, and getting a head start on their master’s program of choice.

The SUU Graduate Admissions Office is here to help YOU!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our enrollment specialists with any questions you might have in regards to the Graduate Bridge Program. They are here to answer your questions and to help you apply to the program.

The graduate academic advisors are ready and willing to help you enroll in graduate courses or to simply help you to map out the best course plan for you to help achieve your goals. Contact them at onlineoutreach@suu.edu.

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