Six Tips For Starting a Master's Degree

Posted: July 29, 2020 | Author: Heather Winkler | Read Time: 3 minutes

Six Tips for Getting Your Master’s DegreeGetting a master’s degree is a big deal! It can change your current professional standing, increase your pay grade, and it can qualify you for the new opportunities you have been looking for.

Going through the master's degree selection process, the application process, and finally, the program itself can be a lot to take in. With these six easy tips, you can have a smooth ride in and out of a master’s program.

Bridge Applications- Become a Graduate as an Undergraduate

If you are a Southern Utah University student, you can apply to take graduate courses the last two years of your undergraduate degree and the credit you receive will apply not only to your bachelor’s but to your master’s degree as well. Depending on the bridge program, students can take anywhere from 6-12 credit hours and the tuition is the undergraduate rate. This is an incredible way to save money, set yourself apart from your peers, and be that much closer to earning a master’s degree.

Specialize Your Degree

Many master’s degrees contain ‘concentrations’ that can make the degree specialized. For example, SUU’s Master of Interdisciplinary Studies degree includes options like online teaching, music technology, aviation, non-profit management, professional communication, etc. Take a look at all these options with a recruiter, advisor, or on your own. An emphasis gives you the opportunity to align your master’s and bachelor’s degrees even if they aren't in the same area of study. This will show employers that you are still furthering your education while doing it in a unique way.

Online Is An Option

You have many pathways to earn a master’s degree at SUU. Are you a busy father? Are you a traveler? What is your current work schedule? Completing your master’s degree online gives you more mobility and flexibility in your day to day life. Not only will you be able to customize when you complete your schoolwork, but as an online student, you have one of the lowest tuition rates in the country. SUU online master’s programs have been in effect for years and we can ensure a quality education while obtaining these extra online student benefits.

Turn in Your Application

Don’t be intimidated by the application process. The application is half the battle of starting a graduate degree and once submitted, students have access to various faculty and staff that can provide assistance during admission, scheduling classes, scholarships, and answering questions. Interaction with these advisors can improve your application process as well as your educational journey.

Go At Your Own Pace

You want quality over quantity with your education. Don’t be afraid to take your courses at the pace that works the best for you! If you are wanting to take some harder classes, register for a smaller number of credits! If you feel like you want to fly through your master's program, go ahead and become a full-time student! For on-campus students and online students at SUU, tuition will change based on the number of credits taken per semester. Be aware that at some credit hour levels you can take more credits for less money.

Talk With Your Professors

Chat with your professor! Every SUU master’s degree is different, but they all have one thing in common: the professors are a powerful ally. Through in-person meetings or online communication, always feel free to reach out to your professors. They can bring clarification, resources, help, or assistance with course work and will work alongside you to pave a successful path. SUU’s professor to student ratio will give you the option to interact closely with your instructor for a more personalized study experience.

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