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Posted: October 05, 2020 | Author: Grace Thorkelson | Read Time: 3 minutes

Podcasts for online studentsDifficult classes, balancing studying and a social life, all while holding a part or full-time job can be overwhelming for college students. It is critical for students to find time to focus on their passions as well as their school work. After all, classes are only one part of a student’s life. Exercise, spending time with family and friends, getting outside for fresh air, and listening to podcasts can help ease the everyday pressures that students face.

Podcasts can inform you more about your classes, areas of interest, or even languages you’re trying to learn. Here are a few podcasts for students.

Anne Dennon from Best Colleges said, “another benefit for college students: podcasts are (mostly) free...Podcasts can fit neatly into your commute, but also make great company while doing chores or working out. And because many of our top picks have impressive back catalogs, get ready for a good binge.”

1. Coffee Break Language Series

Through the Coffee Break Language series, listeners can begin with basic vocabulary and phrases and learn more conversational skills in a chosen language. Listeners can choose from Coffee Break French, Coffee Break Spanish, Coffee Break German, and Coffee Break Chinese, Coffee Break Italian, and Coffee Break Swedish.

2. C-SPAN’s Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates

By listening to C-SPAN’s coverage of the presidential debates, students can keep up with the view of each candidate, and listen to the upcoming debates in full. Listeners can even listen to snippets if they are curious about a candidate’s answer to a specific question.

3. TED Talks Daily

Do you love TED Talks? If so, the TED Talks Daily presents the audio versions of different talks given by professionals and experts in the field. Even if you’re not interested in a specific topic before listening to a talk, you might discover a new passion or learn something new.

4. Daily Quote

This podcast releases a new episode every day with a new quote. Whether the quote is from a scientist, philosopher, writer, poet, or politician, this podcast is bound to expand your worldview.

5. Solutions for Higher Education

Hosted by SUU President Scott L Wyatt, this podcast is perfect for SUU students looking to learn more about what’s going on in their university. Each episode explains different aspects of SUU and higher education in general, which can be a confusing world to navigate for students. President Wyatt also hosts a book club on this podcast over the Summer!


Whether listening to podcasts to relax and take your mind off things, or to learn something new, don’t be afraid to branch out and listen to a podcast that might not look interesting at first glance. Just like the quote “don’t judge a book by its cover,” don’t judge a podcast by its title. There are a countless number of podcasts out there, including ones for every niche. Access these podcasts through Apple, Spotify, Youtube, and other sources.

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