Six Life-Changing Chrome Extensions for Online Students

Posted: March 31, 2020 | Author: Sera Emiroglu | Read Time: 2 minutes

Chrome Extensions for Online StudentsWith over 30% of college students taking online courses and countless others moving to remote learning, there are more online students now than ever before. Online learning can be hard at times, but there are plenty of tools that can make it easier. Here are six life-changing Chrome extensions for online students:


Proctorio is an essential chrome extension for online students. Using your laptop’s camera and microphone it acts as a virtual proctor. This allows you to take exams from the comfort of your own home. Many professors require that their tests be taken through Proctorio to help prevent academic dishonesty.


Whether you’re emailing a professor, writing a paper, or commenting on a virtual class discussion, Grammarly is going to be a lifesaver for you. Grammarly is a virtual writing assistant that helps you write mistake-free! The free plan checks grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It also offers conciseness and tone detection checks across limited sites. 


Plagly is a plagiarism checker extension. So, when you’re writing that big term paper, working on an important presentation, or preparing a case study, you can be sure that you are not accidentally plagiarizing or taking credit for somebody else’s work.

Google Keep

Do you have thoughts that you want to quickly note while studying? Are you looking for an efficient way to keep track of tasks and check them off when finished? If so, Google Keep is an essential Chrome extension for you. It helps you stay organized, and you can download the app to access it on any device where it’s available!


The worst thing when you’re trying to study for an online course is to run into those pesky advertisements that can interrupt your workflow. AdBlock is an excellent Chrome extension, and it does just what you’d assume. It blocks out those annoying ads, allowing you to concentrate on your work.

Google Hangouts

Want an easy and convenient way to chat with your classmates, work on group projects, and conduct meetings? Then add on the Google Hangouts Chrome extension. It will let you access your conversations quickly and easily, making your work and study process more efficient so you can have the best learning experience.


Of course, there are many, many more Chrome extensions out there that can be helpful to your online learning experience. These are some basics that we thought could help you. In this day and age, you can tailor your study habits to your exact needs, and Chrome extensions are very helpful tools to do just that. In addition, don’t be afraid to contact your professors to inquire about other helpful studying tips for online students!

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