What is an Online Teaching Certificate?

Posted: November 12, 2020 | Author: Grace Thorkelson | Read Time: 2 minutes

online teaching certificate

Southern Utah University prides itself on being student oriented and innovative, two categories in which they have been leaders throughout Utah and the Midwest for many years. One way in which they are currently forging paths for students is within the realm of graduate certificates. SUU’s Master of Interdisciplinary Studies (MIS) program now offers graduate certificates in Online Teaching and Leadership Studies, two extremely valuable and relevant skills sought by employers today.

What is an Online Teaching Certificate?

Graduate certificates give individuals an edge above their competition and provide proficiency in a wide array of topics, the Online Teaching certificate is no different. Along with your bachelor’s and master’s degree, a certificate illustrates the hard skills you have acquired throughout your education and proves your ability to acquire a new set of skills that will aid you in the workplace. SUU’s Online Teaching certification will allow students to be proficient in creating an online course.

Why are Certificates Valued in the Workforce Today?

U.S. News and World Report said that “employers ‘want people who are flexible and can pick up a particular skill set that’s necessary.’” Earning a graduate certificate clearly shows just that.

What will I Gain from This Certificate?

SUU’s graduate certificates provide the following nine learning outcomes for students who enroll in this short program.

  • How fundamentals of online teaching, learning, and design work together
  • How theory and knowledge build upon practical experiences by studying in, and fulfilling assignments within, a learning management system (LMS)
  • How to develop a course shell of an online course, including the most basic elements
  • How to utilize the fundamentals of instructional design for online learning
  • How theory, models, interviewing, and design tools are utilized to increase learner breadth and depth of understanding to develop quality online learning experiences
  • How to utilize the fundamentals of effective online learning assessments
  • How theory and tangible skills relate to assessment within online discussions, papers, projects, games, and so forth
  • How to develop and practice skills within a learning management system
  • How an online course is vetted through industry national standards such as Quality Matters
Graduate Certificates at Southern Utah University

The Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching at SUU is a 9 credit, 3 course program. The required courses are INDS 6050 - Online Teaching for Educators, INDS 6051 - Instructional Design for E-Learning, and INDS 6055 - Assessment in E-Learning. Upon completing the courses listed above, students will be fully equipped to design a course on the Canvas Learning system.

This certificate will help prepare educators and leaders to teach their students in the digital format, design an online course, and assess said students virtually. These skills are becoming more and more vital in today’s society, and educators with this certificate will prove to be extremely valuable.

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