What is a Leadership Studies Certificate?

Posted: November 16, 2020 | Author: Sera Emiroglu | Read Time: 2 minutes

Leadership Studies CertificateMore and more, employers are looking for skills that will set you apart from the competition when hiring for positions. A great way to distinguish yourself, in addition to your degree, is a certificate to go along with it.

Luckily for you, Southern Utah University’s Master of Interdisciplinary Studies program has launched two certificates that can be taken entirely online: Leadership Studies and Online Teaching. Here’s what a Leadership Studies certificate looks like and how it can help you in your career.

Skills Learned in Leadership Studies
  • How to analyze basic leadership approaches, processes, and traits
  • How to gain a foundational knowledge of leadership by identifying skills and styles of leadership
  • How to draft a vision plan to include communication and innovation
  • How to delve deeper into interpersonal portions of leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • How to develop and apply their own individual expertise
  • How psychological aspects of leadership can impact culture, ethics, and gender
  • How to create and lead effective groups and teams
  • How to create a continuous improvement plan
  • How to craft a leadership e-portfolio (created over the three course series)
The Leadership Studies certificate teaches you these skills through three courses that can be taken online at any point during your Master of Interdisciplinary Studies program. These courses are:

  • INDS 6510 - Leadership Essentials 3 Credits
  • INDS 6511 - Strategic Leadership 3 Credits
  • INDS 6512 - Leadership Coaching Strategies 3 Credits

Adding a leadership certificate to your resume can put you ahead of the competition when you’re applying for jobs. Employers like to see leadership experience in whatever job you’re applying for, and beyond that, they like to see that you went above and beyond in the degree that you’re pursuing. Showing that you put in that extra effort and work and earned a Leadership Studies certificate can set you apart in the eyes of potential employers.

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