How to Stay Focused During the Holidays as a Grad Student

Posted: December 07, 2020 | Author: Kirsten Stavast | Read Time: 2 minutes

Staying focused as a graduate student this holiday seasonIt’s easy to get distracted over the holiday season, but as a grad student, it’s crucial to not lose your focus during this time. While it’s good to take a break, here are three ways to help yourself stay focused during the holidays.

1. Create a Plan

One of the best ways to make sure you’re staying focused and not getting distracted is coming up with a routine that works best for you. Block out times each day where you’re gonna work - and only work during those times. Having a start and end time will help you get your work done. If you don’t finish in that time, block out more time to finish, but make sure you leave room for breaks. If you overwork yourself, it will make it harder to stay focused.

Eliminating distractions can also help you stick to your plan. While you’re working on getting stuff done, it can be easy to start thinking of all the other things you need to do. Instead of doing things as you think of them, keep a paper nearby and write distractions down to take care of later. This will help you get more studying and work done during your scheduled time, as well as help you be more organized in general.

2. Have a Specific Place to Work

Having a specific spot to work can also help you stay focused while there’s a lot going on this holiday season. The first step when creating your workspace is finding out what works for you. Do you prefer to have background sounds or music while you're working? Or do you work better when it's silent? Is there a specific room in your house where you’re able to focus a little easier? Once you choose your location, make sure it’s clean and comfortable. Get rid of anything that isn’t what you need for what you’re working on.

3. Remember Your “Why”

If you’ve tried the first two tips and still aren’t feeling successful in staying focused during the holiday season, you might want to remember the why behind what you’re doing. Write down the reasons why you’re working toward your graduate degree. Know your goals. Prioritize. Doing this will help you stay motivated despite everything else going on.


Staying focused can be tricky, but by being prepared and trying these tips, you will be able to do it during this holiday season. Figure out what works best for you and you can achieve the goals you’re working towards.

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