Is Getting a Master of Education Worth It?

Posted: January 13, 2021 | Author: Grace Thorkelson | Read Time: 3 minutes

Is a master's in education worth it?After earning your bachelor’s degree or being in the classroom with your students for several years you may start to wonder if going back to school to obtain your master's degree in education is worth the investment. For many educators, an additional degree can open a variety of doors both financially and professionally. Below are several reasons that educators are taking this important step in their academic and professional careers.

Three Reasons to Earn a Master's in Education

Pay Increase

A leading incentive for teachers to go back and earn their master of education is for a pay increase. Investing in yourself by learning new techniques, theories, and skills to implement in the classroom is something that most states and districts reward financially with a generous pay increase. Doing a bit of research to ensure that your respective district or state falls into this category may be critical in your decision making process.

According to, a 2019 analysis showed that earning a graduate degree is one of the main ways teachers earn more. In Utah, the State Board of Education does not require teachers to earn a master’s degree. However, teachers with 30 years of experience and a master’s degree earned, on average, $10,000 more per year than teachers with similar experience and a bachelor’s degree.

If a pay raise is something you feel would benefit you and your family, reaching out to learn more about a master’s of education program is worth your time. This data proves that going back to school to earn your master’s degree may be a worthwhile investment, one that pays itself off rather quickly in the long-term.

Lane Change

If you love education but have considered working in a different field, a master of education degree may be just the right fit for you. GradSchoolHub explains that there are a variety of jobs and industries that you qualify to work in after obtaining your degree, starting with non-profit organizations, curriculum sales, education policy development, corporate training, content creation, and so much more. The classroom isn’t the only place where learning and education take place, so take advantage of the many opportunities to help others develop themselves and their skills by making a lane change in your career.

Improve Your Teaching Skill Set

Southern Utah University’s Master of Education program is a springboard for educators and future administrators in improving teaching skills and connecting with students from a wide variety of backgrounds and academic levels. Learning from experienced faculty, rubbing shoulders with a strong cohort of highly proficient educators from around the nation, and interacting in an online, hybrid program will more fully prepare you for helping your students find success in the classroom.

Not to mention the fact that SUU’s Master of Education program offers multiple emphases for you to choose from, ranging from educational foundations and policy emphasis to special education and even an administrative/supervisory license.


Overall, a master's of education provides several financial and professional benefits that will help you be successful throughout the course of your career. Taking the step to improve yourself, your teaching skills, and understanding of students of all ages and abilities can help you be fulfilled in your professional pursuits.

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