Customize Your Future with a Degree in General Studies

Posted: February 24, 2021 | Author: Lyndsey Nelson | Read Time: 2 minutes

What is a degree in general studies? As an undergraduate student, it can be a challenge to decide on a major or career path you would like to take after graduation. Sometimes, the future may seem unclear and the options can be overwhelming. For those students who find themselves uncertain about which major to choose, a general studies degree might just be the perfect degree path.

The general studies degree at Southern Utah University allows students, in collaboration with their academic advisor, to customize an undergraduate degree that reflects their particular interests, and meets the University’s graduation requirements.

A general studies degree gives students the lead in directing their education along with the opportunity to pick and choose courses based on their personal interests. This degree path is a great option for those students looking to get their associates degree, or for those wanting to explore separate fields of interest before settling into a single major of interest.

The flexibility of a general studies degree is also a huge benefit. At SUU, students can receive a high-quality education completely online and walk away with a degree that prepares them for the professional world. General studies also allow working students to earn academic credit for professional experiences.

To graduate with a bachelor’s degree in general studies, students are required to complete the SUU General Education curriculum and the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts requirement. The general studies degree requires students to complete a minimum of 54 credits, including the general studies core courses and at least 21 upper-division credits.

With a general studies degree, students have the opportunity to explore a variety of skills without the pressure of committing to an area of study that doesn’t fit their career goals. A general studies degree allows students to gain a better understanding of their passions while still earning credit towards their degree and is a perfect option for self-motivated students wanting a degree in broader education. For more information about the general studies degree, please visit the website for SUU’s Department of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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