Ten Summer Courses to Help Any Major

Posted: March 16, 2021 | Author: Lyndsey Nelson | Read Time: 3 minutes

Summer courses for all majors at SUUFinding a way to occupy the summer can be a frustrating and exhausting experience, especially in such an unpredictable environment as students are in with COVID-19. With these courses from Southern Utah University not only will students have a summer like no other, they will be able to check off a few courses and work toward completing their degree sooner.

Whether you are looking to fulfill credit requirements, or just add a fun class to enjoy this summer, these ten summer courses are open to any major looking for a summer adventure at SUU.

Summer Courses Open to All Majors

English 2230 - Mythology

Mythology is designed to introduce students to the nature and function of myths through the lens of Greek, Native American, Hebrew, Christian, and other world mythologies with an emphasis on comparative mythology. This 3-credit course fulfills the humanities knowledge area requirement.

Math 1050 - College Algebra

College Algebra functions to explore the properties of graphs and their functions as well as allowing students to analyze mathematical models from a wide variety of fields using various technologies. This 3-credit course is an exciting way to fill the quantitative literacy core requirement

Outdoor Rec, Parks, and Tourism 1542 - Wilderness First Responder

By taking this first responder course, students will learn proper medical responses to wilderness emergencies requiring patient management and limited resources. At the end of this 3-credit course, students will have Wilderness First Responder certification as well as fulfilling elective course requirements.

Music 1020 - Popular Music in America

Popular Music in America explores the rich and diverse genres of popular music in America and discusses their origins in the 20th century. This 3-credit course can be used to fulfill the fine arts knowledge area requirement.

Physical Education 1040 - Self Defense

This elementary course in self defense will teach students techniques to safely survive aggressive situations involving close-quarter combat. While simple, these techniques are essential tips for self-defense. This 1-credit course can be applied to fulfill elective course requirements.

Sociology 3250 - Food and Culture

This sociology course serves as an introduction to the key terms, concepts, and theoretical perspectives on the sociology of food, as well as broadening students' understanding of the impact of food on nature and society. This 3-credit course can be used to fulfill elective course requirements.

Theatre 1023 - Introduction to Film

A look at the Art of Film–how it influences lives and how lives influence the art. Students will view films from many different genres, offer analysis, and gain an appreciation for the many collaborative crafts involved in the filmmaking process. This 3-credit course can be used to fulfill the fine arts knowledge area requirement.

Dance 1010 - Inside the Art of Dance

Inside the Art of Dance is a course designed to introduce students to dance as a representation of cultural identity, a demonstration of social order, a classical art, and a medium for aesthetic expression. The course is 3 credits and fulfills the fine arts knowledge area requirement.

Physics 1040 - Elementary Astronomy

Elementary Astronomy is a conceptual study of the night sky from the surface of the earth and will involve an overview of the solar system including; planets, comets, asteroids, and meteors, as well as offering a non-mathematical approach to the nature of the stars and stellar evolution. This 3-credit course can be used to fulfill the physical sciences knowledge area requirement.

Political Science 2300 - Introduction to Political Thought

Introduction to Political Thought is an introductory survey of key political ideas, concepts, and movements from antiquity to the 21st century. This 3-credit course can be used to fulfill the social and behavioral sciences knowledge area requirement.

With SUU’s outstanding offerings for summer courses, the summer is guaranteed to be an amazing opportunity for adventure or a way to get ahead with the three year degree program. For more information on SUU’s summer experiences, be sure to check out the summer semester website.

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