Three Ways Students Graduate Early at SUU

Posted: January 12, 2021 | Author: Lyndsey Nelson | Read Time: 3 minutes

How to graduate college earlyPursuing higher education can be an incredible opportunity, and one that is becoming increasingly valuable in establishing a career and transitioning from student life to the job market. However, the time and money spent in school can often be seen as a setback to those wishing to start a career early or those looking to pursue a non-traditional career.

Southern Utah University has several opportunities available to students who want to receive the benefits of higher education at a quicker pace with less expense. At SUU, students can speed up their degree in three ways: by getting involved in the Jumpstart program freshman year, by taking the Prior Learning Assessment, and by taking advantage of SUU’s three year degree program.

Graduate Early at SUU

Prior Learning

There are a multitude of ways students can earn college credit at SUU for work they completed prior to attending college. This might include any experience gained through an internship, military service or independent study to being able to use your scores from placement exams and the ACT.

A full list of prior learning credit options can be found at

Three Year Degree Program

Announced in early 2019, SUU’s three year degree program offers students a unique opportunity to complete a bachelor's degree in just three years.

By expanding SUU’s summer semester, both in length and in the options of available classes, students are able to complete a bachelor’s degree in a shorter time period, allowing students more time to explore their options outside of the university.

With a three year degree, students now have more time to travel, begin a graduate program, jumpstart their career, or do whatever they have planned for their future in a more timely manner. SUU is currently offering over half of their degrees in the three year program, and more degrees are being added to expedite the education process.

Not only does the three year degree program allow for students to finish their bachelor’s degree sooner, they are also able to do so in a more cost-effective manner. SUU has reduced out of state tuition for their summer semester, so students are able to take their summer classes at a more relaxed price.

Learn more about earning a degree in three years.

Dual Enrollment at Southwest Technical College

SUU and Southwest Technical College created a dual enrollment program with the goal of providing the educational offerings from both institutions to students of both institutions. Course equivalencies have been identified through a series of articulation agreements so that students can combine coursework from both institutions to reach their educational goals.

Because the agreement allows for SUU students to enroll at Southwest Tech and receive SUU credit, students have access to a broad spectrum of courses and programs that are currently not offered at the University. Areas of study such as welding, culinary arts, automotive technology, and others that are not taught at SUU can now be taken for SUU credit. Students may choose to take one or more of these courses as an elective for their major, or they may choose to pursue a certificate alongside their SUU diploma.


Whether students are looking to begin a career, start a family, or continue their education in a graduate program sooner, SUU has endless opportunities for students to complete their degree at the pace that best fits their schedule. For information about degrees and enrollment options, visit SUU Admissions.

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