Why SUU is One of the Best for Civilian Helicopter Training

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Why SUU is One of the Best Places for Civilian Helicopter TrainingIf you want to become a helicopter pilot, it’s important that you attend a flight school that will give you the best education and experience possible. Every flight school is different, with different standards, training techniques, and reputation. When looking for flight schools, you want to look for the best.

There are many reasons why Southern Utah University Aviation is the best place for civilian helicopter training in the world, here are a few:

Awards About 10% of Helicopter Certificates Given by the FAA

Of all the helicopter certificates given by the FAA in the United States, SUU Aviation makes up approximately 10% of them. It's extremely important that enough pilots are trained each year to fill the coming shortage, and it’s SUU Aviation’s mission to help with this shortage.

According to Boeing’s recent report, before 2038 there will be a shortage of 61,000 helicopter pilots worldwide. This is a big number, and a lot needs to be done by flight schools and industry leaders to produce this many pilots in the coming years. When you train with SUU Aviation, you know that you’re being trained by one of the top schools helping with the industry shortage.

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Uses State-of-the-Art Equipment

SUU Aviation in Utah's Capitol

Your safety is SUU Aviation’s top priority. The flight school uses only the best and safest equipment. That’s why students fly R44’s, which are extremely safe and affordable for students. The flight school also has state-of-the-art simulators so that you can get used to the feel of a helicopter in the safety of a simulator before flying a real one.

Makes Changes to Legislature and Fights for Veterans

SUU Aviation cares about YOU. For the last few years, SUU representatives have been going to Washington D.C. to advocate for veterans’ rights. They’ve been fighting to make sure that VA Benefits continue to be available at flight programs such as this one.

SUU Aviation has also successfully helped change legislation by appealing to Congress on behalf of the maintenance technician training regulations. SUU Aviation recognized that these regulations were outdated and needed to change, so they helped make it happen. FAA regulations are now in the process of being changed and in the spring of 2020 SUU Aviation became the first AMT school to practice these new regulations.

Highest Altitude Collegiate Flight School

SUU Aviation has an elevation of 5,622 feet, making it the highest altitude collegiate flight school in the country. The higher the elevation is, the more difficult helicopters are to fly. This is because the air is denser the higher up you go. By going through training in a high-density environment, you’ll later be able to fly in any place in the world, which is a very marketable skill to have.

Industry Partnerships

SUU Aviation has partnerships with many companies in the aviation industry. These partnerships provide students with clear pathways to the industry after graduation and serve to give students access to scholarships, internships, and job interviews.

SUU Aviation helicopter flight schoolQualified & Experienced Instructors

SUU Aviation employs the best of the best. As a student, you can expect to be trained by some of the most qualified and experienced individuals in the industry. All of the SUU Aviation instructors and employees are dedicated to the students and to the program. Your instructors will take a personal interest in your learning and will make sure that you are receiving the best training available. The rotor wing curriculum will be tailored to your specific needs and everyone on the team will be rooting for you to succeed. Students in the program often form close bonds with their instructors and stay in touch well after graduation.

Biggest Helicopter Fleet in the Nation

SUU Aviation has the largest collegiate helicopter training fleet in the nation. SUU Aviation currently has 22 helicopters. These helicopters consist of 11 R44 Raven II’s, 7 R44 Cadets, 2 Bell 206’s, 1 Bell 505, and a BO-105. SUU Aviation is currently leasing and using a Bell 407 as well. By training with the largest fleet, you’ll have more flight time and won’t have to wait long for a helicopter to become available.

Diverse Conditions

SUU Aviation is located in Cedar City, Utah. Cedar City experiences a wide variety of weather conditions throughout the year—and even throughout the week. By flying in different weather conditions (hot, cold, rainy, windy, etc.) you’ll have all the experience you need to fly in any part of the world. Even though Cedar City has lots of different weather conditions, there are typically 300+ good flying days a year, which lets you fly more often and for longer.

Advanced Training

When you attend SUU Aviation, you won’t only get your private, commercial, instrument, CFI, and CFII certificates. You’ll also get lots of advanced training in the following areas:

  • Turbine transition
  • External load
  • Mountain operations
  • Night vision goggles

The more advanced training you get as a student, the more marketable you’ll be when you’re looking for a job. Employers love to see advanced training on your resume because it means that you are experienced and they won’t have to give you extra training.

Helicopter flight school in Cedar City, UtahIron County Sheriff's Air Operations Division

SUU Aviation is part of an amazing program called the Iron County Sheriff's Air Operations Division. Basically, advanced students and instructors at SUU Aviation are able to volunteer their time to assist the county sheriff’s department in aerial surveillance, pursuit, drug interdiction, and search and rescue efforts. Helping out with this program will look amazing on your resume and will give you great practical experience.

Only Master’s Degree with Flight Emphasis

At SUU Aviation, you can get an associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree in aviation. SUU is the only university in the nation that has a master’s degree with a flight emphasis. If you want to someday be in a management position, then having a master’s degree will help you get there.

How to decide whether you should get a bachelor’s degree or higher while training to be a helicopter pilot.

Second Largest Airport in Utah

SUU Aviation is located on the second largest airport in Utah. You’ll be training somewhere that is still small, but is well recognized and has plenty of resources. You’ll be able to learn and practice airport procedures, which will help you in your future career as a pilot.

No Hidden Costs, Includes Everything

Many flight schools have hidden fees. SUU Aviation gives you the price of the program upfront. There are no hidden fees and all fees are included in the pricing sheet except for materials needed and SUU tuition.

Flight school is an investment, learn more about how much it costs to become a helicopter pilot.

You’ll be Flying Within the First Few Weeks

Some flight programs take weeks or months to get you up in the air. At SUU Aviation you’ll be flying a helicopter within the first few weeks of school. By flying earlier, you’ll get more experience and have more flight hours when you graduate.


If you have any questions about the flight program, contact SUU Aviation. You can come in for a tour, see the helicopters, and meet current students and instructors. SUU Aviation truly is one of the best flight programs in the nation and would love to help make your dream of becoming a pilot your reality.

Produced by SUU Aviation
The university's fleet includes 16 airplanes, 23 helicopters by the end of 2020, and state-of-the-art maintenance training facilities. SUU Aviation offers advanced and relevant flight training in the safest and most efficient way possible. The program continues to be on the cutting edge of the industry, training tomorrow's aviation leaders. With SUU Aviation, you’ll get a high-quality education and have the experience needed to get a job in the aviation industry. 

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