Graduation Cap Themes for Students Graduating in 2021

Posted: April 29, 2021 | Author: Kierstin Pitcher-Holloway | Read Time: 3 minutes

While decorating your graduation cap may seem fun and exciting, it can be hard to decide on a theme or idea in the short time you have to decorate it. Deciding what to write on your grad cap or if you should just go with a simple pattern is a big decision, after all, it’s your last chance to stand out. If your brainpower has been bled dry from all those finals, be inspired by one of the graduation cap themes below and make it your own.

Easy Grad Cap Ideas For 2021


The past few semesters have been hard for everyone, college students included. Graduates this semester have the chance to use their caps as an opportunity to capitalize on their bragging rights for making it through their last year of college during a global pandemic. Some quote ideas include: “I survived graduation and a pandemic. I can do anything.” or “Graduating during a pandemic, what’s your superpower?”

COVID grad cap ideas
Something Related to Your Major

One popular route for graduation cap decorating is basing it off of your degree. Quotes like, “I’m a strong independent English major and I don’t need no math”, “She believed she could change the world so she became a teacher” or “Keep calm and make it to med school” are great for this.

Your Favorite Fandom

Another go-to theme is basing your cap decorations off of your favorite movie, book, song, or sports team. You could use a favorite movie quote or lyric and decorate it using fandom stickers or using the same brand font. For example, a fan of the show Dr. Who might pair a sticker of the Tardis with the quote, “We’re all stories in the end, just make it a good one, eh?” A Harry Potter fan might use the quote, “mischief managed” using the Lumos typeface inspired by the Harry Potter chapter titles.

Harry Potter grad cap ideas

You can also use your graduation cap decoration as a way to show your school spirit using school colors and Thunderbird stickers or quotes. Another fun way to show school pride is to decorate your cap with pictures of your time at SUU.

Grad cap themes

Be Inspirational

If you want to be more serious with your decorating, using your favorite inspirational or motivational quote is a great way to go. You could also pay tribute to someone like a parent or professor who has inspired or supported you through your educational journey.

Focus on the Future

The exciting parts of life don’t end at graduation. For most people, their degree is just a springboard for them to go on to bigger and better things. Let people know how excited you are for the future by decorating your cap with your next step by saying something like, “From SUU to UCLA”, or “Back to 2nd grade, this time I’m the teacher!”

Teacher grad cap ideas
Keep It Simple

Not all graduation caps have to use a quote or phrase. Feel free to keep yours simple by decorating it using whatever colors or supplies you think will look best. As long as it’s you it will look great!


Having a decorated grad cap not only makes you unique, but it can also help friends and family find you in the sea of robed-graduates. Here are a few tips to make your graduation cap look the best it can.

For hundreds of graduation cap theme ideas, quotes, and inspiration, check out this SUU Pinterest board or SUU’s list of graduation cap ideas.

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