Summer Courses for Theatre and Dance Majors

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Summer classes theater majors should takeSpending the summer in Cedar City is a compelling offer for theatre and dance students. With the Utah Shakespeare Festival, Neil Simon Festival, and several surrounding theaters beginning their summer seasons, students with an interest in theatre and dance will have many opportunities to enjoy their craft and learn more about theatre.

For theater and dance students looking to stay in Cedar City for summer 2021, Southern Utah University is offering several summer courses to help students save time and money, and possibly work towards earning their degree in three years.

Six Summer Courses for Theatre & Dance Majors

Directing I

A required course for students working towards a theatre degree or BFA, this directing class offers students the opportunity to learn about the art of directing and put together their own ten-minute one act. The course is worth three credits and requires no prerequisites.


Another requirement for theatre majors, Dramaturgy helps students to understand the inner workings of play production by teaching them how to examine dramaturgical elements of a play including critical theory for play production and skills for interpreting the history and themes of theatre. This course is worth three credits and must follow THEA 1713 or ENGL 2400 or THEA 1303 or SST 1300.


This entry-level dance course teaches students how to explore and develop improvisational techniques used in the creation process of dance. The course is three credits and is required for all dance majors, with no prerequisite requirements.

Inside the Art of Dance

Inside the Art of Dance is a course designed to introduce students to dance as a representation of cultural identity, a demonstration of social order, a classical art, and a medium for aesthetic expression. The course is 3 credits and fulfills the fine arts knowledge area requirement for general education students.

Intro to Film

A look at the Art of Film–how it influences lives and how lives influence the art. Students will view films from many different genres, offer analysis, and gain an appreciation for the many collaborative crafts involved in the filmmaking process. This three-credit course requires no prerequisites and can be used to fulfill the fine arts knowledge area requirement for general education students.

Theatre History II

This upper-division course examines theatre history from the 18th century through modern contemporary theatre, including an exploration of the rise of American drama and musical theatre and late 20th-century theatre: the rise of Hispanic, Asian, African-American and women’s theatre. This three-credit course follows Theatre History I.


Staying in Cedar City for the summer is an exciting opportunity for anyone with an interest in the arts and these theatre courses will ensure that students are able to take in the arts while also studying their origins. Visit SUU’s Department of Theatre, Dance, and Arts Administration for more information. 

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