Five Reasons to be a SUMA Sidekick

Posted: September 13, 2021 | Author: Maren Holmes | Read Time: 2 minutes

SUMA SidekicksHave you heard of the SUMA Sidekicks program? No? Well don’t worry, we’re gonna fill you in. Like all good heroes, Southern Utah Museum of Art needs a little help protecting the world from evil. (The evils of...y’know...not having an art museum around...). Every great superhero needs a sidekick. You know Batman and Robin, Captain America and Bucky Barnes, Superman and Krypto, the Super Dog, and now SUMA wants YOU to be our Sidekick!

So we are reaching out to you, to sign up and join the fight! Worried about the great responsibility that will come with this great power? Or perhaps the tendency sidekick uniforms have of being highly revealing? We hear you. Here are five reasons why SUMA is a better adoptive dad than Batman:

Sweet Sidekick Swag

We won’t make you wear a uniform, but we will make sure you have all the necessary tools! Sidekicks earn points for signing up, visiting the museum, attending events, referring friends, and even following us on social media. These points add up quickly and can be redeemed for prizes that will prepare you for the treacherous world of higher education. We wouldn’t want you to be caught unprepared. 

Invites to SUPER Parties

For real. On the third Tuesday of each month, SUMA will be hosting Sidekicks Assemble events. We’ll be making a new art project or teaching a new art skill every month, with all materials (and snacks) provided. Oh, also every Sidekicks Assemble event is TOTALLY FREE. That’s cooler than a weekend with Mr. Freeze, y’all.

A Free Spot in the Sidecar for ALL SUMA Adventures

SUMA Sidekicks get access to a special code that gives them FREE admission to all events and programs at the museum. This includes the Community Creates, Art Adventures, Date Night, and anything else we’ve got going on! There’s a lot happening at SUMA, and we want you to be there for it all!

An Equal Share of the Glory

Unlike some of those other heroes that can’t share the spotlight, (looking at you, Dazzler) we are gonna give you access to exclusive content. No more secrets! Sidekicks get added to SUMA's Instagram Close Friends list, and we’ll be sharing stories with you and only you. And just between us, SUMA is pretty generous with the contests and giveaways in those Instagram Stories.

Have We Mentioned it’s All Free?

Yeah. Everything. There’s no charge for signing up, no monthly fee to stay involved, all we ask is your love.

We know you’re ready to be part of the best art-museum-superhero-duo that ever was, so here’s a link to sign up to be a SUMA Sidekick. Make sure to stop by SUMA to pick up your punch card after you sign up, follow us on social media to stay in the loop on events, and watch your inbox for our monthly newsletter. SUMA loves you, SUMA is proud of you, and SUMA can’t wait to see you become the superhero you were always meant to be.

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