Comic book style banner displaying the title SUMA Sidekicks

SUMA Sidekicks

Every great superhero needs a sidekick. You know Batman and Robin, Captain America and Bucky Barnes, Superman and Krypto, the Super Dog, and now SUMA wants YOU to be our Sidekick!

SUMA Sidekicks is a FREE membership program for students of Southern Utah University and Southwest Tech with opportunities to earn rewards!

Your Mission

Sign up to be a SUMA Sidekick in person at SUMA or online. If you sign up in person, you will receive your punchcard, but if you sign-up online, make sure to pick up your punchcard at the front desk during your next visit! 

SUMA Sidekick Signup

Collect punches by checking in at the Visitor Services desk whenever you...

Activity Punches
Drop-in to SUMA to see new exhibitions or return to see your favorite exhibitions Unlimited
Refer a friend to SUMA Sidekicks Unlimited
Attend a SUMA-sponsored event that is listed in our Calendar of Events one punch per event/program
Respond to a survey about an exhibition/event bonus one-time punch)
Bring a friend to see an exhibition or attend an event one punch
Follow us on Instagram one punch
Follow us on TikTok one punch
Like us on Facebook one punch
Prize Punches
Holy Notetaking Batman! Pencil 2
SUMA Sidekicks Super Sticker Sheet 4
American Gotham Sticker 6
Secret Plans Notebook 8
Mini Comic Notebook 10

Perks of Being a Sidekick

Being a Sidekick offers more than free prizes. SUMA Sidekicks are offered a 20% discount in the SUMA Shop and free admission to all SUMA events! Yeah, all of them!

SUMA hosts exclusive monthly events called SUMA Sidekicks Assemble! Each month Sidekicks are invited to drop in to the museum to create a work of art, all supplies and instruction included. Again, all for free! Find our next Sidekicks Assemble event on our calendar.

Sidekicks are also invited to celebrate the openings of SUMA’s new exhibitions with a special event featuring music, food, games, drinks, and an excuse to get fancy.

SUMA Sidekick action figure

Stay Current

Students in the gallery at SUMA

SUMA shares exclusive content and reminders about our upcoming events with Sidekicks in it’s monthly newsletter. By joining SUMA Sidekicks, you will automatically be added to our mailing list.

Sidekicks can earn punches for following SUMA on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, but can also receive exclusive content through SUMA’s Close Friends on Instagram. If you provide your Instagram handle during signup, you will be added to SUMA’s Close Friends list. In addition to exclusive content, we’ll be doing Close-Friends-Only giveaways every semester, which you do not want to miss!



You must be a current student at Southern Utah University or Southwest Tech to join SUMA Sidekicks. Features of the program are subject to change. There is no financial obligation to join. By joining, you will automatically be added to the museum’s monthly eNewsletter.