How to Stay on Track with Your Semester Goals

Posted: October 18, 2021 | Author: Sayre Davis | Read Time: 3 minutes

How to stay on track with your semester goals as an online studentIt's the beginning of a new semester and you're determined to stay on track with your goals. What did you do last time? Yes, that's right! You made a list of all the things you wanted to accomplish this semester and then promptly forgot about it. That's ok, we've all been there before. Hopefully this year will be different because you’ll be using these tips on how to stay focused this semester and actually get things done!

Five Tips to Stay Motivated Throughout the Semester

Set Specific Goals for the Semester

When looking to stay on track with your semester goals, it is important to be specific. Starting your goals can be incredibly daunting and hard to stick with, but the more specific you are with yourself, the better the goals will end up being.

As psychologists have studied and found, setting more specific goals for yourself allows you to become more determined to hit them. An example of a specific goal might be setting a measurement of time you want to study each week or a specific grade you would like in each class.

Make a Plan To Reach Those Goals

Along with specific goals, making plans to hit them is just as essential. Goals are only worth anything if the plans behind them are clear. When making goals, work on the plans to achieve them at the same time.

Let’s say you want to achieve a 95% in each of your classes. If you decide to set that goal, you should set concrete plans to do so. That might be setting aside time to study an hour a day per class or attending the Tutoring Center once a week for help in your classes. When you decide to set your plans, just consider what type of plans usually work for you.

Stay Organized And Prioritize Your Time

Another aspect of setting goals and accomplishing them is to stay organized. For many students, this means getting a planner and keeping track of your schedule. For others, it is better to use an electronic note and calendar app. Regardless of whether you prefer the technology side of things or want a tangible schedule, having a schedule is important. Alongside keeping a schedule, prioritizing your time is important. Making sure you have enough time for your plans and also to destress is super important. Make sure you do both.

Keep Track of What You've Done and What Needs To Be Done

After setting your goals, making plans, and managing your time, you need to measure your results. Measuring your results is as important as any other tip here. When you measure how successful you have been you can improve upon your goals and improve upon yourself. You can create checklists or write what you have accomplished. Either way works but just remember to measure your results.

Reward Yourself For Completing Tasks or Meeting Milestones

The last step to stay on track with your goals is the most fun: reward yourself. Your reward is completely up to you and should be determined by you. Just make you take the time to celebrate your accomplishments.


To stay on track with your semester goals, you need to have specific goals for the year. You can set these in several ways, like writing them down. Next, make a plan that will help you reach those goals and prioritize time accordingly. It’s also important to keep track of what needs to be done by using one method of organization (e.g., sticky notes) so that everything stays organized and under control. Finally, don't forget about self-care! Reward yourself when tasks are completed or milestones are met; it'll encourage motivation moving forward too.

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