What is the SUU App and How Do I Use It?

Posted: October 14, 2021 | Author: Abbie Cochrane | Read Time: 4 minutes

What is the SUU App? Attention all Southern Utah University students! Are you getting lost on the way to your classes? Do you keep missing out on activities because you don’t get the memo in time? Are you struggling to cope with any mental health issues? Well, then look no further than the SUU app!

Everybody knows the saying “there’s an app for that,” has become all too true in recent years, but what about an app for college? Well yes, there’s an app for that too! The SUU app is available to all students with a smartphone, and has information about a surplus of resources and activities that you don’t want to miss out on! And once you log in, the app is linked to your personal profile on mySUU. 

Top Uses for the SUU App

Activities and Events

The SUU app sends out notifications to users about upcoming sporting events, schoolwide activities like Paint the Town Red or Homecoming Week, as well as information about outdoor recreation, how to join clubs, volunteer for community service, sign-ups for sororities and fraternities. There is also a section with digital flyers about upcoming events labeled with dates, times, locations, and overall synopsis of the event located at the top of the homepage. If you want to get involved with student life, try tapping the “Student Life” tab on the app homepage. Interested in listening to SUU News? Tap the “SUU News” icon on the homepage. You can even follow along with a virtual Tradition Keeper list from your phone! For a more organized and chronological view of upcoming activities, tap the second icon from the left at the bottom of your phone screen titled “Events.”


This tab of the app has links to anything a student could need to get academic help. With links for tutoring, Writing Center consultation details, and the Nest Student Help Center, any student can reach someone that is ready to help.

For a quiet place to study, students can easily look up the operating hours for the Library or the Testing Center. Students can also contact the Career and Professional Development Center or the Academic Advising office via the app. For more detailed times and study locations, click the “More” icon at the bottom right of the screen and then tap “Campus Computer Labs.”

Need a quick jump to your mySUU portal? That link is right below. Worried you’ll forget your schedule? Don’t! By clicking the “Me” icon at the bottom center of your screen after logging into the app, you can see everything from your schedule to your major information to your digital ID card. Even past notifications are stored in that section just in case you didn’t look closely enough at it.

Student Resources

Feeling sad, stressed, or anxious and not knowing how to handle it? Head on over to the “Health and Wellness” tab located on the homepage. There you will be directed to the Health and Wellness office on the SUU website so you can learn how to get the help you need. College is no fun when you are feeling overwhelmed and upset, so be sure to look into the Health and Wellness Center or the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS can be found in “Student Resources” on the app) if you or a friend could use some support.

At SUU, one of the main goals is to listen to the voice of the students. If you want to submit your feedback or a suggestion, be sure to tap the “My SUU Voice” tab in the SUU app. SUU is always looking for ways to improve the college experience for our students and we would love to hear from you! You have a say, so use it!

What about things like financial aid or finding a campus job? All other resources including Title 9, Parking Services, Campus Police, the SUU Bookstore, and any other miscellaneous help you might need is under the “Student Resources” tab in the SUU app. Anything you might need, the app has a way to reach someone who can help.

Campus Map

Got lost on your way to class? The SUU app has you covered there too! By tapping the “Campus Map” icon that is second from the right on the bottom of your device screen, a map of the campus will pull up. Need to go somewhere specific? The little target shows your exact location on the map! What about if you need directions? By tapping on the graduation cap icon below the target, you can search any building on campus. It works just like your Google Maps!

For the People at Home

If you have a student attending SUU or your student is interested in applying for SUU, check out the “Parents and Family” section in the app to learn more about how to get involved as a parent. Included are ways you can support your student, sign up for the T-Bird Newsletter, or schedule a tour of SUU’s lovely campus! You are as much a part of the T-Bird family as your student is!


The SUU app is one of the most useful tools for all students and parents at SUU. Not only does it keep you up to date on the latest T-Bird news, but it is also there for your wellness and academic success. Download the SUU app for free today so you can get involved too.

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