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Posted: May 05, 2022 | Author: Kaylee Condie | Read Time: 4 minutes

SUU Speech and Presentation CenterYou’re reviewing in your head. You know the material, you’ve been studying for weeks. Your roommates have started to complain that they know your presentation better than you because you’ve practiced it so much. Finally, it’s your turn. You pull out the notecards you’ve prepared, just in case, and make your way to the front of the class. You take a deep breath and find that you can’t talk at all. Everyone’s eyes are on you, waiting for you to start. You try again, but the same thing happens. You can hear the snickers in the back row, you see the pitying looks from your peers in the front - it takes all your strength not to rush out of the door as quickly as possible.

If the scene mentioned above sounds at all familiar, you’re not alone. Everyone gets nervous when they speak or present in front of an audience, even professionals. The trick is to get past that first wave of paralyzing fear when you begin the presentation. Here at Southern Utah University, the Speech and Presentation Center was created just for that.

“I get the opportunity to help individuals overcome their speech anxiety and increase their overall confidence with their public speaking ability,” states Cooper Rosenlund, senior at SUU and marketing coordinator for the Speech and Presentation Center.

Speech and Presentation Center Resources

  • One on One Interview Coaching - This allows you to get accurate feedback on how to go about a more polished interview.
  • Mediation Services - Provides a mock conflict that allows you to understand how to mediate an argument or other high-stress conflict situation.
  • Speech Anxiety Reduction Services - Coordinators and interns give tips on how to overcome stage fright and other speech-related anxieties.
  • Meeting Space for Speech Presentation and Practice - Faculty members and businesses are able to book space that allows them to present projects to their students or team members.
  • Technical Support - Interns and coordinators help put together outlines and PowerPoint presentations with the correct technical assistance.
  • Presentation Development - This helps to develop and critique a presentation before its debut.

Speech and Presentation Center Events

  • Talk-O Tuesday - Every first Tuesday of the month, the Speech and Presentation Center orders a massive surplus of Taco-Bell tacos to give to any interested student. Students that come by the center around 12:00 p.m. are given a free taco and the chance to play card games, word games, or just hang out.
  • Conflict Mediation and Resolution Course - This is a two-weekend seminar throughout the spring semester. It’s an incredible hands-on experience that allows the participants to better solve the disputes that arise. It includes a few seminars and then some mock mediations and observations.
  • TEDxSUU - A program of self-organized local events that people in the community come to get a TED-like experience. They share videos and live speakers that are carefully selected by the committee members. This past year TEDxSUU was held on September 13th, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. in the Great Hall.

If you’ve never had a problem speaking in front of a crowd and don’t need help getting over stage fright, why would you even step foot in the Speech and Presentation Center? If this is you, always remember that the more eyes that review a speech or presentation, the better! Even professional journalists get their work reviewed. Every actor and actress goes through several rehearsals until they can get their performance just right. The same can be said about speeches and presentations. The Center will help you get your presentation to the very best it can be.

That being said, no matter how many times you do it - public speaking is never an easy task. There is always that fear of humiliation and judgment when you first step out in front of people to share your voice on any subject. That fear can leave you petrified without any words at all. If you want to finally break free from that paralyzing stage fright and let the world know that you can speak, make an appointment with the Speech and Presentation Center today.

Located in the Braithwaite Building in room 204, SUU's Speech and Presentation Center is open Monday through Friday and is available to anyone. Students, faculty, businesses and community members are able to access any of the Center’s resources for free.

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