Books Written or Edited by SUU Faculty in 2022

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faculty booksNeed something new to read? Want to support local authors? Interested in trying something new? You don’t have to look too far. Several members of staff and faculty at Southern Utah University have written and published books across a wide variety of genres and topics. Check them out below:

AutoDesk Inventor Textbook by L. Scott Hansen

Genre: Academic Textbook

Published: May 18, 2022

The latest edition of the AutoDesk Inventor is an all-in-one guide to success for students utilizing the AutoDesk Inventor program. It follows the “learning by doing approach” and can be used in the classroom, a self-study environment, and the real world. Every chapter includes detailed videos by the author, Scott Hansen, P.h.D., demonstrating how to use the tools in each chapter. This allows the student to see the application of each tool beyond just visualizing how it works. Through this latest edition of the textbook, student success with the AutoDesk Inventor program is rising as students are equipped with the information they need and that can be applied in their studies and the real world.

Blossom as the Cliffrose edited by Danielle Beazer Dubrasky

Genre: Nonfiction

Published: 2021

In this anthological collection of prose and poetry, discover the stories of people who have been brought to the Mormon Church and the complexity of the religion as a culture and a lifestyle. Learn about the diversity of its members; whether faithful or not, believer or heretic, converts, or those pulled in and pulling away, this collection of stories is sure to enlighten the lives of those in the Mormon Church in the modern day.

Children and Trauma: Critical Perspectives for Meeting the Needs of Diverse Educational Communities by Jennifer McKenzie and Brianne Kramer

Genre: Informational Nonfiction

Published: April 2022

It is becoming increasingly necessary for educators of K-12 students to become informed about childhood trauma and how it can affect children’s lives outside of the classroom. This book talks about how teachers of K-12 students can learn and apply Trauma Informed Practice (TIP) in their classes and increase their awareness of socio-emotional development and traumatic experiences that can make the path into adulthood difficult for their young students. Teachers from all over the world can utilize this book in their classrooms to be a beacon of opportunity and safety for students who have experienced traumatic events and help them progress to overcome the hard things they’ve been subjected to.

Drift Migration by Danielle Beazer Dubrasky

Genre: Poetry, Myth

Published: 2021

Watch as chance and fate sculpt and weave the earth into a new mind as Danielle Beazer Dubrasky delves into the history and the life of landscapes that change with our world. Witness the revelation of a secret to life that is true to the heart of America; that landscape is the origin as much as it is eternal. Let this collection of poems from the mind of this awarded poet guide you on a deeper meditation into the life force of American landscapes from sea to shining sea.

On the Plains, and Among the Peaks edited by Julie McCown

Genre: Historical Nonfiction

Published: December 2021

Go back in time to the 1870s and experience the life of one of the West’s forgotten female figures. The story of Martha Maxwell and her life as a natural historian and taxidermist is one that no one really knows about. Written by her half-sister, Mary Darrtt, in 1879 and edited by SUU’s own Julie McCown, this book gives a unique perspective on women’s role in the old West in a never-before-seen light.

Picnic In the Ruins by Todd Robert Petersen

Genre: Fiction, Mystery

Published: 2021

When anthropologist Sophia Shepard crosses paths with two small-time criminals, the Ashdown brothers, on her journey across the Utah-Arizona border researching the impact of tourism on cultural sites, she learns of a mysterious "collector" of Native American artifacts. The brothers’ have been looking to steal from this collector and their criminal has alerted the local sheriff. The former lobbyist who employed them, who seeks monument land that may soon be open to exploration, sends a fixer to clean up the brothers’ mess. Suddenly, Sophia must put her research and theories to the test in the real world, and the stakes are higher than she could have imagined. What begins as a madcap caper across southern Utah becomes a query on mythology, authenticity, preservation, and one question: Can someone own the past.

The Gardens of Our Childhoods by John Belk

Genre: Poetry

Published: March 2022

Explore masculinity and gender in an all-new, tenderhearted light in John Belk’s The Gardens of Our Childhoods. With special mentions of famous wrestlers through the ages, this book depicts a person’s demolition and reconstruction of their identity through writing their story their way while taking a theatrical approach to the chaos of a WrestleMania ring. In peeling back a mask of toxic masculinity, Belk reveals the capacity for love and admiration while resisting social norms and discovering true identity.


SUU is proud to host such talented writers as members of the staff and faculty. Visit the SUU Bookstore to purchase or rent many of these books or visit the SUU Library for additional reads in both digital and physical copy options. Be sure to check out all these books, ask your professors what they’re working on, and be on the lookout for more staff and faculty books as they come out!

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