Why You Should Start a Degree Program This Summer

Posted: May 16, 2023 | Author: Sayre Davis | Read Time: 4 minutes

Why you should start a degree program this summer at SUUAs a career-minded adult, there’s a good chance that you may be on the lookout for the next great opportunity, regardless of your current level of job satisfaction. And part of your career path ahead may include a college degree – either to take that next step, stand out for a promotion, or even be ready when opportunity knocks.

For many, the idea of starting a degree program seems daunting. Likely you have a lot on your plate already, and adding one more commitment to your already busy schedule might seem overwhelming.
But there are some important benefits to pursuing a degree his summer that make it worth considering. 

Invest in your future…NOW

One of the most important reasons to start a degree program this summer is that it is an investment in your future. Starting now will put you ahead of where you would have been if you never started. As Seneca said (well, it is attributed to the man) “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” and what an opportunity summer courses are.

For several online students at Southern Utah University, starting in the summer set them up for success. Whether that was being lined up for a job upon graduation or the convenience of a flexible schedule so they could maintain jobs and family, summer semester can be a great option.

Whether you want to advance in your current career or transition to a new field, having the right degree can make all the difference. By starting a degree program this summer, you are taking the first step towards increasing your earning potential and securing your financial future.


Many universities offer flexible schedules that are designed to accommodate working adults. This is most apparent with online degree programs, making it easier to fit your coursework around your existing work and family commitments. By taking advantage of these flexible options, you can earn your degree without sacrificing your current job or other important responsibilities.

Ken Jacobs, was a successful business owner. When the pandemic hit, he lost his business and had to figure out how to start over. With lots of college credits, but no degree, and several family members needing support – aging parents, a wheelchair-bound wife, and two children still at home, a viable solution required creativity.

He transported his family across the country and moved in with his parents. He got an industrial job working 60 hours each week. But to advance in management, he needed a college degree.

Jacobs determined his best option to finish quickly, with the flexibility he needed to meet the many needs of his family and employer, was through SUU’s online Speedway Program. The generous transfer policy, 100% online courses, his aggressive course load, and summer semesters, enabled him to complete his Bachelor of General Studies degree in record time. His experience was so good that he immediately entered SUU’s MBA program, which will further enhance his current career or entrepreneurship aspirations.

Though the demands on Jacobs’s time and attention are great, the flexibility of the right online programs and taking advantage of summer semesters, are making all the difference in his career future while enabling him to meet the needs of his family now.

Networking opportunities

Another benefit of starting a degree program this summer is networking with other professionals in your field. Many degree programs offer opportunities to collaborate with classmates on projects, attend networking events, and even participate in internships or work-study programs. By building relationships with other professionals in your field, you can gain valuable insights, make important connections, and even find new job opportunities.

After two decades in his professional law librarian career, Bret Christensen moved with his family to a small town to support his mother-in-law. But small towns usually do not have law libraries, so there was no way for him to continue his career in this new rural region.

In an effort to pivot into a new career, Christensen enrolled in SUU’s online Master of Cyber Security and Information Assurance program.

Because he is pursuing a new career direction, Christensen is taking advantage of the opportunities to meet other online students, most of whom are working professionals already in the industry. In addition, he is learning about and exploring internship and job opportunities – many of which are offered during summer months – through his new university network.

Personal growth

Starting a degree program this summer is also an opportunity for personal growth. By pursuing higher education, you are challenging yourself to learn new things, think critically, and push your boundaries. This can help you build confidence, develop new skills, and become more well-rounded. For many, this is a very important part of the college experience. Finding yourself and discovering your true potential is a great part of the college experience.


Finally, starting a degree program this summer can be incredibly fulfilling. By pursuing your academic goals, you are investing in yourself and your future. This can bring a sense of satisfaction and purpose to your life that can be difficult to achieve through other means.

No matter where you are in your life or how busy you are getting a degree can benefit you. Starting now will only enable you to achieve your dreams quicker and set you on a path of success sooner. At SUU Online we offer flexible schedules for anyone to get their degree. Learn more about SUU's online degree programs.

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