What to Do When Visiting Your College Student

Posted: September 19, 2023 | Author: Kierstin Holloway | Read Time: 3 minutes

SUU student gives a thumbs up to the camera while embracing his mother in a college dorm room.

Visiting your college student at Southern Utah University can be an amazing experience for both you and your T-Bird. It’s an opportunity for you to actually see the places - and maybe even meet some of the people - you’ve heard so much about. Visiting will also provide your college student with the chance to show off a little.

It can mean a lot for college students to be able to show their parents how they are taking on the difficulties of college life. Even if it just means taking their parents for a tour around campus, most college students appreciate validation from their parents as they work to find their new adult selves. Getting a short visit from parents can also help prevent the occasional homesickness.

That said, college students can feel a little bit put on the spot when their parents come to visit. Even if they are excited to see you and share a glimpse of their college experience, they’ll likely have no idea where to start. They may even feel a little discomfort. Since attending SUU life has been filled with new friends, professors, classes, homework, and a brand new social scene.

Having a plan or even just a loose list of options for things to do can go a long way in helping the visit go smoothly.

7 Things to Do When You Visit Your SUU Student:

  1. Go out to eat.

    Cedar City has a large selection of food options. Not only does Cedar have the standard chain restaurants, but the city boasts a large selection of unique local restaurants including but not limited to Hermies, Brad's, Tacos El Jefe, Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine, The French Spot, and All American Diner.

  2. Go to Soda Nerd.

    If you’re looking for something quicker, Soda Nerd is a fun popular place to grab a treat or drink on campus. They serve craft sodas in addition to soup and sandwiches. They also have a few SUU-themed drinks.

  3. Check out your student’s favorite place.

    Having your student show you their favorite place on campus or in Cedar City can be a great way to bond and understand what their college experience has been like so far. Whether it is a favorite coffee shop or a place to study, this can be a great way to see SUU through your student’s eyes.

  4. Go to a Campus Performance

    SUU has an amazing performing arts department that frequently puts on plays, musicals, dance, and music performances. While many campus events are student-only, the productions are open to the public with modest admission fees, and a number of events are completely free. Make sure to check for any upcoming performance events when planning your visit.

  5. Get outside!

    Go on a short hike or visit one of the many beautiful parks in Cedar City. SUU is known for being the “University of the Parks,” but you don’t have to visit one of the many national parks in our backyard. There are plenty of parks and scenic hiking trails right in Cedar City if you're simply looking to spend some quality time outside with your student.

  6. Visit Main Street

    The shops on Main Street are a favorite of T-Birds and Cedar City residents alike. If you enjoy window shopping or purchasing unique finds, then you can easily spend an entire afternoon just on this street! From candy shops and bookstores to ice cream and clothing boutiques, there are a number of local businesses that make exploring Main Street an absolute treat!

  7. Check out the SUMA exhibits

    The Southern Utah Museum of Art (SUMA) is located right on campus and has rotating exhibits that feature work from regional artists and faculty and student artists from the SUU Department of Art & Design. Admission is completely free, and it can be a great way to experience art with your student.

Visiting your student should be a positive and enjoyable experience for both of you. Hopefully, these ideas will help you mitigate the awkwardness of visiting your student and make the most out of your visit. Whatever you decide to do with your T-Bird, remember it’s about time with them. Enjoy your visit to SUU!

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