12 Questions Every Parent has About Sending Their Child to SUU

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Parent hugging a college studentWhat resources are devoted to diversity on campus?
The Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) exists to validate the multiple identities present on campus, while integrating the voices and experiences of marginalized people. They provide emotional, social, and financial support to students from historically underrepresented communities (e.g. students of color, LGBTQIA+ students, first-generation college students, etc.) The CDI houses organizations of diverse students such as Pride & Equality Club, Black Student Union, and several others. The CDI invites members of the campus community to join in conversation about how to cultivate an inclusive, safe, and welcoming campus culture. Check out more about the different clubs, programming, resources provided by the Center of Diversity and Inclusion.

In early 2018, SUU hired a Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Schvalla Rivera, to increase support for our students of diverse backgrounds in and outside side the classroom. Read about Dr. Schvalla Rivera’s plans for increasing diversity and inclusion.

What resources are available to my student/child?
Homework can be difficult, presentations can be scary, and college can be tricky. If students are struggling they can get help from one of the several SUU Campus Resources. These resources are funded by student fees, and are very helpful to have a successful academic experience. From Academic Advising to the Writing Center to psychological counseling, SUU has the resources to ensure that students pass their test and stay sane all semester. Check out a comprehensive list of campus resources to help your student succeed.

Assistant Coach of Excellence and Success (ACES) ensures each student thrives in their experience at SUU through personal outreach and one-on-one advising. ACES also refer students to resources and activities to provide them with opportunities for success and support. Incoming students will be assigned an ACE the summer before they start their first year at SUU (usually in April or May). ACES will reach out to students on a regular basis throughout the summer to ensure all questions are answered, and have completed online orientation modules. After the summer, plan on meeting with an ACE once each semester (fall and spring) during your first year. You will then be given a Second-Year ACE your sophomore year to ensure you are just as supported your second year here at SUU. Learn more about the ACES and First Year Experience offerings.

What do student fees cover?
Student fees are separate from tuition to help support the institution in a variety of ways. These fees allow students to attend events, athletic games, theatre and dance performances and student activities for no additional cost. They also provide free services to students like counseling, recreational hours at the PE building and volunteer opportunities through the Community Engagement Center. See a full breakdown for student fees.

What is housing like?/How do we find housing?
SUU's Residence Halls are designed to offer the best college experience possible. Each one is tailored to different students' needs, so you're sure to feel comfortable. Visit the SUU Housing site for more information about housing options, resources, dining, etc.

If on campus housing is full and you are seeking off campus housing options, SUU has centralized off-campus housing options to help students find the perfect home away from home.

What type of safety or security does SUU provide?
If you’re a parent or guardian of a college student, it is natural to worry about your student’s safety on campus. Rest assured that Southern Utah University makes student safety a top priority. SUU has its own dedicated SUU Campus Police department that also work closely with the Cedar City Police Department — security officers are available 24 hours a day to respond to student concerns.

The entrances to residence halls can only be opened by the students who live there, using personal ID cards as a key. Pathways and public spaces are well lit.

What health care resources are available in Cedar City?
Southern Utah University does not currently offer student health insurance or maintain a Health Clinic on-campus, however, there are a number of healthcare options nearby. There are a great deal of programs and resources dedicated to support students on campus through the Health and Wellness Center.

The SUU Health & Wellness Center strives to promote the physical and emotional well-being of students through comprehensive programming, campus wide events, peer education, the sharing of up-to-date accurate health information and resources, and providing information and support regarding their own or someone else’s health and well-being. Check out the SUU Health site for a more in depth look at the services provided by the Health and Wellness Center.

What scholarships are available for my student?
A college education is one of the best investments that a person can make. You can visit the SUU Scholarship webpage to determine what scholarships you qualify for and to apply for them.

At SUU, we are committed to assisting all students in finding the best ways to help pay for their education. If you have questions about how to pay for school, call the SUU Financial Aid office and make an appointment with one of our counselors today. Check out the SUU Financial Aid Office site to apply for financial aid and find important dates.

Where can my student look for jobs on or around campus?
The Career & Professional Development Center serves students and alumni in their career development process from career exploration through post-graduation goals; connects employers to students; serves the community with resources and expertise; and supports Southern Utah University with the knowledge and tools necessary to assist students. We pride ourselves in serving these entities in a proactive, collaborative and professional manner. If you are in the process of searching or preparing for an off, on campus, or post graduation job visit the SUU Career Center site for more information and resources.

My student is feeling overwhelmed. Where can they find support on campus?
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) helps SUU students achieve their educational, career and personal goals. CAPS is staffed with experienced licensed mental health professionals including psychologists, social workers, and mental health counselors who work with students to reduce the interference of everyday stress and also treat more serious conditions.

CAPS works to assess and improve both ongoing and newly developed services and programs by promoting positive growth and healthy psychological adjustment through prevention programming across campus. They strive to make their services accessible to as many as possible through psychoeducational presentations, web-based information, and workshops. Visit the SUU CAPS site for more information on the programming and services they provide!

What is Jumpstart?
Jumpstart is the most engaging, integrated and efficient way for students to complete their General Education course requirements. The program consists of a full suite of GE courses that uniquely integrate around a theme led by seven of SUU’s best faculty. Despite the highly integrated format, each course will eventually appear separately on SUU transcripts. These courses total 33 credit hours, split between the fall and spring semesters. In one academic year a student will earn a General Education Certificate of Completion. Students in this program will also be over halfway to earning their Associate's Degree. 

What is there to do outdoors?
As the 2015-16 & 2017-18 National Outdoor Champions, T-Birds know how to appreciate the great outdoors. Our location in southern Utah puts us in the perfect position to take advantage of all that Mother Nature offers. Hiking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, biking, camping... and so much more! If you do not have the materials necessary to take a trip to the great outdoors, we have you covered with our student budget rental shop here on campus! SUU Outdoors sponsors a range of adventures to students throughout the school year to ignite a passion in recreation. These trips are offered to students with any skill level from beginner to expert.Check out SUU Outdoors for more information.

Does SUU have an Honors Program?
The SUU Honors Program provides enrichment opportunities for exceptionally talented, creative, and academically committed students in a friendly, informal and interdisciplinary undergraduate experience. The program connects students with SUU's best faculty through small classes and participation in out-of-class activities. Students learn in a collaborative environment where their ideas and research matter. Honors students that are fully engaged, earn 21 credit hours of honors course work and complete an Honors Experiential Education project or Honors Thesis will graduate with University Honors. This nationally recognized distinction indicates the student has completed an enhanced and challenging undergraduate experience. Visit the SUU Honors Program site for more information.

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