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Posted: October 02, 2023 | Author: Constanza Guerrero | Read Time: 1 minutes

Southern Utah University's International Affairs office has an impressive lineup of events throughout the year. These events provide attendees with opportunities to make friends and learn about the international community at SUU. Here are just a few of the stand-out events to add to your calendar:

International student serves food to other students from behind a booth.
  • International Food Fair: The office organizes the International Food Fair where people can try food, drinks, candy, and other treats from all over the world. It’s hosted by International Student Ambassadors (ISA) and usually takes place during the fall semester, but there are similar events throughout the year.
  • Hiking Trip: The International Affairs office takes students on hikes to breathtaking national parks near Cedar City, like Bryce Canyon. It’s an all-day excursion, and there are buses to transport you to and from the parks.
  • Lunar New Year: The office celebrates the Lunar New Year with an incredible showcase, organized by ISA. The event has food, entertainment and games.
  • Showcases: Occasionally, the office will organize a showcase dedicated to a specific celebration in a country, or for a particular country. They have food, language education, entertainment, and other activities depending on the country's traditions.
  • Orientation: At the beginning of the semester, the office holds International Orientation, a two-day event that helps students with things like how to keep their scholarship, rules in the US that are different from ones in other countries, etc. It’s important information to learn, and a great place to meet new people!

Whether you're a local or international student at SUU, be sure to keep these events on your radar and take advantage of the many connection and enrichment opportunities that they offer!

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