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International students at Southern Utah UniversitySouthern Utah University’s doors are open to students from all over the world! Through the International Student and Scholar Services Office, SUU continues to welcome international T-Birds from across the globe! If you are from a different country and are interested in coming to SUU, here is everything you need to know about SUU’s International Affairs Office.

Resources Provided by the International Student and Scholar Services Office

International Admissions

For international students, the first thing you need to do is read the requirements for you to obtain your education at SUU. Luckily, the SUU International Admissions webpage has clear, step-by-step instructions for how to go about obtaining required international travel documents and clearance, how to pay for college as an international student, and anything else you might need to know as an international student. Whether you are a future graduate, undergraduate, or you need to begin in the Intensive English Language training program, you are guaranteed to get the best education possible at SUU.

For any follow-up questions or information, contact your admissions counselor. Find them on the international student admissions page.

For international students, getting your visa should be your top priority. That’s something else your admissions counselor can help you with. SUU International Admissions Coordinator, Laura McAneney advises, “Be sure to talk to your international admissions counselor for advice on how to have a successful visa interview. They have a lot of good information and helpful hints to help you get your visa after your first interview.”

Housing and Transportation for International Students

Cedar City is always adding more housing options as the Thunderbird family grows more and more every year! If you’re an international student, there are tons of housing options, both on campus and off. Try living in the dorms through University Housing or you can find a different living space off campus. You can even try HomeStay, where you can live with a local family and go to school at the same time. If you’re concerned about overpacking, try On Campus Marketing to buy things like blankets, towels, etc. and save suitcase space.

Once you get to Cedar City, getting around is easier than you think–even if you don’t have a car. The campus is small enough that everything is within walking, skateboarding, or biking distance. You can also utilize the shuttle system, buses, taxis, and even an airport. Learn more about transportation in Cedar City.

International Student Tuition and Costs

If you’re worried about the cost, don’t be! SUU offers dozens of scholarships specifically for international students. Most Bachelor’s degree programs for international students round out to a little over $31,000 and include tuition, room and board, personal expenses, program and course fees, textbooks, and other classroom supplies.

Master’s degree programs differ in price depending on what you’d like to master in. You can also reduce the annual total cost with the right housing, meal plan, and personal spending in both degree programs and in the Intensive English Program. Learn about the different prices for international graduate students.

Getting to Know Campus

Whether you tour in person or not at all, it’s very easy to become acquainted with campus. You can also take a virtual tour of the campus if you’d like! Check out the SUU-centered episode of “The College Tour” on YouTube to learn more about the environment, the classes, and campus itself.

Intensive English Program (IEP)

The American Language and Culture Center located in the Sharwan Smith Student Center welcomes students from every corner of the world. This center helps international students learn English to help them better adjust and prepare for their transfer. This program follows international students through the entirety of their university experience to help them develop proficiency and learn more about the culture.

The annual cost is around $17,000, but it covers tuition, books and supplies, room/ board, and other personal expenses. The ALCC also offers the Foundation Program, Dual Enrollment, Workshop Classes, Community ESL, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and Teacher Development Workshops. Learn more about the ALCC programs.


“SUU is home to over 700 international students from nearly 70 countries,” adds SUU’s Director of International Student Services, Jamie Orton. “The International Student and Scholar Services Office loves to celebrate international diversity by hosting numerous events, showcases, excursions, and service projects. These events aim to foster cultural diversity, promote global awareness, and ensure a rich university experience for all students. The office provides global experiences right here on-campus and creates an engaging environment for US and international students to connect with one another.”

SUU is proud to stand as a beacon of diversity and a melting pot of culture. As students come in and out from every part of the United States and the rest of the world, the university strives to cultivate a learning environment for students from Salt Lake City to Tokyo. Get started on your study abroad journey by reaching out to the International Student and Scholar Services Office and requesting more information about international studies today!

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