The Surprising Thing About Cedar City

Posted: December 21, 2023 | Author: David Matebwe | Read Time: 1 minutes

Aerial photo of Cedar City

The process of taking the next step in my education was a challenging one. I wanted to pursue my academic career in the US, but I didn't know exactly where to start. So I asked a friend of mine who had recently traveled to the US how he did it, and he put me in touch with the people who helped him. They ended up talking to me about SUU in Cedar City, Utah.

At first, I wasn't too sure about this particular city, because I had never heard of it before, and it didn't match what I was expecting when I was thinking about living in the US for a couple of years. But after more than one year of living in this small town, I've discovered its beauty and its peacefulness. It is a great place to study, to make friends, to bond and create lasting memories. It's in the middle of three big cities and has the best mountain views and the nicest people.

Here are some things to do in Cedar City and southern Utah that make it an amazing place to live and study:

I would have never thought that I would fall in love with this city and the people I met here, but life is an adventure full of surprises and both SUU and Cedar City are wonderful surprises.

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