Campus Safety: Tips for Pedestrians

Posted: March 29, 2024 | Author: Fae Dutson | Read Time: 3 minutes

Smiling students crossing a crosswalkOne of the best things about SUU campus life is the walkability! Many students and employees can get to and from class on foot, and on-campus living makes it easy to cross the street and get where you need to be in minutes. However, as you navigate the streets and sidewalks, be aware of the things around you that pose a threat to pedestrians like you. Pedestrian safety is just as important as driver safety, so here are a few ways to stay safe while you get around!

Cross the Street Where You Should

When crossing the street, do so at an appropriate spot. Crosswalks, intersections, and marked four-way stops are the safest places for walkers. Make sure that all cars have stopped for you, and if you’re at an intersection with lights, wait for the walking signal to cross. 

Stay to the Right (and out of the Bike Lanes)

When walking on a sidewalk, stay to the right side of the path. This is a common courtesy so that people walking faster or using smaller modes of transportation like skateboards or roller skates can pass with ample room. As for bikes, SUU has a small lane on the road next to the sidewalk reserved for cyclists, so don’t walk through it! The sidewalk is for pedestrians, and if you walk or park your car in the bike lane, people using bikes have no path and no way to get up onto the curb. 

No Sidewalk? Face Traffic!

Some roads don’t have sidewalks. If you are walking or running on these roads, make sure you are facing traffic on the side of the road you’re using. This helps you to be aware of oncoming traffic and not unaware of vehicles that you can’t see coming up behind you.

Make Yourself Known

When preparing to cross a road, make eye contact with drivers. This makes them aware of your presence and usually implies your intention to cross. If you can, show your thanks to drivers for stopping to let you cross by waving or saying ‘thank you’ in sign language (using a flat hand, press your fingers to your chin, then tip the hand towards the person you are thanking). 

Put Your Phone Away

Don’t walk and text, don’t listen to music while crossing a street, don’t walk with your music so loud that you’re unable to hear; in general, use your phone responsibly while walking. Distracted walking can lead to accidents, so if you must, find a safe place to stand and text or take a call. 

Stay Bright at Night

When walking at night, wear bright colors and walk in brightly lit areas. Drivers can’t see much outside of what their headlights reveal, but anything bright or reflective can help your visibility even from a distance. If that can’t be helped, walk where there are ample streetlights, people or lit homes to stay as safe as possible.

Cross in a Clear Area

Do NOT walk into traffic from behind an obstruction. An obstruction would be something like a parked car, tree, bush or any other object that would keep a driver from seeing you before you cross. This does not give drivers enough time to see you and slow down, and you risk being hit since a car can’t be stopped fast enough.

Never Assume a Car will Stop for You

It is never safe to assume that a car can see you or that it will stop. Drivers can be distracted very easily, and it’s very possible that they will not stop for you, even if it makes perfect sense that they should. Always behave as if the car will not stop. You never know if a driver is aware of your presence or your intention to cross even if you have a very distinct right of way, so be safe and never assume.

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