The Benefits of Taking Summer Courses in College

Posted: April 02, 2024 | Author: Madelyn Bushman | Read Time: 3 minutes

A student adjusting sunglasses on her head while holding a notebook and smiling into the camera.

Ever wonder about what benefits you would receive from taking summer courses?

As the temperatures rise and the days get longer, many college students eagerly anticipate a well-deserved break during the summer months. While the idea of sun-soaked relaxation is enticing, there’s a compelling case for considering summer courses as a valuable addition to your college experience.

Let’s take a look at the numerous benefits of taking summer courses.

Faster Track to Graduation

One of the primary advantages of enrolling in summer courses is the opportunity to expedite your academic journey. By strategically incorporating summer courses into your academic plan, you may graduate ahead of schedule.

Whether you take the summer semester to catch up on prerequisites or to tackle challenging courses, summer sessions allow you to concentrate on a smaller number of subjects.

Additionally, an early graduation allows you to enter the workforce sooner and start making a positive impact on your chosen career path.

Smaller Class Sizes

Summer courses typically have smaller class sizes, creating a more intimate learning environment. With fewer students in a class, you have increased access to professors, fostering a more personalized and engaging educational experience. This is true for online students too.

Scholarship Options

Many universities offer scholarships specifically for students who are enrolled in summer classes. With online courses, students can easily attend school anywhere during the summer and get the financial help they need. Check out SUU Online’s Summer Scholarship.

Different Course Offerings

Summer courses are mostly available online, providing you with the flexibility to learn anywhere, at any time. Some courses may even be offered in 7-week sessions, rather than the full 14-week sessions. This allows you to complete your course sooner in the semester and even provides opportunities to stack more courses into your schedule.

Lighter Course Loads

By taking courses in the summer, you can lighten your course load over the Fall and Spring Semesters if you want to stay on your set track for graduation (4 years). The reduced workload allows you to delve deeper into the material and develop a stronger understanding of the subject matter. It may even relieve stress or financial strain.


Summer courses often offer more flexibility in terms of scheduling, making them an ideal option for students with jobs, internships, or other commitments. Whether you’re looking to take a full course load or just one or two classes, the condensed nature of summer sessions allows you to balance your academic pursuits with other interests and responsibilities.

Competitive Edge

Employers often appreciate candidates who demonstrate initiative, dedication and a strong work ethic. Completing summer courses showcases your commitment to continuous learning and can set you apart from other job applicants. It’s an excellent way to build a diverse skill set and stay competitive in today’s rapidly evolving job market.

While the allure of a carefree summer break is undeniable, the benefits of taking summer courses in college are equally - if not more - compelling.

So, this summer, consider enrolling in courses that align with your degree plan and goals. Take advantage of the benefits that the summer semester provides students with!

Contact your advisor today if you are unsure of what courses to enroll in.