What is Denim Day?

Posted: April 22, 2024 | Author: Savannah Price | Read Time: 2 minutes

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April is more than a busy month with good weather, it's also an opportunity to have conversations about crucial topics that often get overlooked. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) in the United States, and here at Southern Utah University, the Health and Wellness Center is spreading awareness about topics like consent and empowerment, as well as standing together against injustice for victims of sexual assault. This article also aims to cover an important event that takes place every year: Denim Day.

This event will be explained further in the article, but please be advised that the topic of rape and other related and potentially triggering topics will be included in this article. Please be aware of these content warnings before continuing. Discretion is advised.

Denim Day is an annual event that takes place in many countries around the world, including the United States, to raise awareness about sexual assault and to show support for survivors. The event originated in Italy in 1992 in response to a high-profile sexual assault case in which the assailant's conviction was overturned because the Italian Supreme Court deemed that the victim's tight jeans implied consent. Following this controversial ruling, women in the Italian Parliament wore jeans to work in solidarity with the victim. This act of protest spread internationally, leading to the establishment of Denim Day as a global movement.

Today, Denim Day participants wear denim jeans to work, school or other public spaces to symbolize their support for survivors of sexual assault and to challenge the harmful myths and misconceptions surrounding sexual violence. In addition to wearing denim, many organizations and communities host events, workshops and fundraisers to educate the public about sexual assault prevention, consent and support resources available to survivors. Denim Day serves as a reminder of the importance of believing and supporting survivors, as well as advocating for policies and societal changes to end sexual violence.

On April 24, 2024, we invite you to join us by wearing denim jeans and showing your support for survivors of sexual violence. By wearing denim, we symbolize our commitment to believing and supporting survivors, as well as advocating for a society where consent is respected and sexual violence is eradicated. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and contribute to a culture of empathy, understanding and change.

In addition to wearing denim, we encourage you to engage in conversations about consent, respect and the importance of supporting survivors. Let's use this opportunity to educate ourselves and others about the realities of sexual assault and the resources available for Survivors.

Visit the Health and Wellness Center website to stay in the loop about events hosted by the center.

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