Physics Programs

Lunar eclipse photo

A minor in Physics at SUU provides you with the background to succeed in a variety of disciplines, from geology to chemistry, mathematics to engineering. For those looking towards graduate work in the health sciences, students who study physics get the second highest scores on the MCAT (second only to biomedical engineering) as well as benefiting from the honing of critical thinking skills that the study of physics requires. We also offer a Physics Teacher Education Minor. Physics students at SUU are able to take advantage of the Ashcroft Observatory; a dark-sky teaching observatory open to the public as well for telescopic viewing of celestial objects. We also have our own darkroom for the photo developing.

The mission of the physics faculty is to ensure academic excellence while demanding integrity and building self-esteem in our students. Our mission is met through the following:

The Learning Environment: to provide students with quality, current, comprehensive, rigorous courses of study; to prepare successful pupils by stimulating curiosity and instilling a lifelong love of learning; and to develop within the students communication skills and creative, analytic information gathering and processing skills.

The Faculty: to develop excellence in teaching by fostering the pedagogical development of our faculty, to maintain strong professional commitment and development, and to promote excellence within the faculty through involvement in scholarly activities, developments in our respective fields, and service to the university and the communities of southern Utah.