W.M. Gibson Research Fellowships

The Walter Maxwell Gibson endowment will provide fellowships to conduct research/projects. Funding may be available for consumables or travel to conduct your research/project, depending on number of applications and on the amount of earnings. The awards will be competitive and must meet the following conditions:

  1. The research or project must make an original intellectual or creative contribution to a discipline within the Walter Maxwell Gibson College of Science and Engineering.
  2. Research or projects must have a Principal Investigator (PI) and a Co-Principal Investigator (CoPI). Every application requires a faculty mentor and a student researcher, although either can be the PI.
  3. Projects using human or animal subjects must obtain appropriate IRB or IAUCUC approval prior to project initiation, with proof of approval submitted to the SC 310.
  4. The receipt of funding obligates a public presentation of the project in the format accepted by professionals within the discipline. It is required that you present at least to the following:
    1. A state or regional venue. Possible venues are Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research (UCUR) or Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters


    2. A campus venue. Possible campus venues are WMG COSE Research Symposium or Festival of Excellence.
  5. A summary report (including budget) must be submitted by July 1st of the academic year following the academic year funding is granted. Please use the template for this report and submit it to SC310 before the deadline mentioned above.


Maximum for Gibson Fellowship salary is $3000 - $4,500 per project, per fiscal year, depending on number of applications and available funding.

Budget for consumables or travel to support research is dependent upon available funding.


All current Walter Maxwell Gibson College of Science and Engineering (WMG COSE) undergraduate students with at least one academic year remaining on campus—with full-time enrollment status during their final year. All fulltime WMG COSE faculty and staff.

Applicants may receive multiple awards, from various sources, during one academic year.


5:00 PM, local time, January 31st

Application Process and Criteria

E-mailed files must include the last name of the PI in the name and subject line of the email
(e.g. Gibson Research Fellowship application, Smith_J).


Completed applications should be submitted by the faculty mentor. NOTE: If a faculty member submits more than one project application, they will need to rank their submissions A, B, C, etc.

The committee will not consider incomplete applications. A complete application is a single PDF file consisting of the following documents-- in order—and submitted by the faculty mentor.

PDF file must include the following:

  1. A completed and signed cover page which includes a clear statement as to who the PI and CoPI are
  2. An abstract or summary (not to exceed 250 words).
  3. A project description (not to exceed 2 pages)

    The project description should be framed in terms that someone not familiar with that discipline can still understand, and it should include:
    1. An introduction that places the project in the broader context of the discipline and clearly explains the rationale or justification for the project
    2. A clear statement of the goals, objectives, or hypothesis being tested
    3. A concise description of the methodology to be used
    4. A timetable for activities associated with the project
  4. Budget breakdown. Include an itemized list of materials and/or travel plans and include the number of planned hours of work by the student.
  5. PI and CoPI research vita/resume (a short CV is preferred)
  6. A letter of commitment from the faculty mentor.