Undergraduate Research Fellowships Guidelines

Application Deadlines:

Round 1 October 15

Round 2 March 15

The Walter Maxwell Gibson endowment will provide funding and fellowships (funding for student wages) to conduct research/projects. The L.S. and Aline W. Skaggs Research Endowment will provide funding for research (materials, supplies, travel to collect data, etc. but no stipends or travel to present research findings.  Funding may be available for consumables or travel to conduct your research/project, depending on the number of applications and on the amount of earnings.  The awards will be competitive and must meet the following conditions:

1) The research or project must make an original intellectual or creative contribution to a discipline within the Walter Maxwell Gibson College of Sciences.

2) Research or projects must have a Principal Investigator (PI) and a Co-Principal Investigator (CoPI).  Every application requires a faculty mentor and a student researcher, although either can be the PI.

3) Projects using human or animal subjects must obtain appropriate IRB or IAUCUC approval prior to project initiation, with proof of approval submitted to the Dean's Office in SC 310.

4) The receipt of funding obligates a public presentation of the project in the format accepted by professionals within the discipline.  It is required that you present at one of the following:

  1. A state or regional venue.  Possible venues are Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research (UCUR) or Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters 
  2. A campus venue.  Possible campus venues are WMG COS Research Symposium or Festival of Excellence.  

5) A summary report (including budget) must be submitted by July 1st of the academic year following the academic year funding is granted.  Please use the template found at suu.edu/cos/research for this report and email it to cos_deansoffice@suu.edu before the deadline mentioned above. 


For the undergraduate research fellowships, the maximum award amount for wages is $3000 per student per project, per fiscal year, depending on the number of applications and available funding. Student wages are paid at a rate of $15 an hour. 

The budget for consumables or travel to support research varies and is dependent upon available funding.


All current Walter Maxwell Gibson College of Sciences (WMG COS) undergraduate students with at least one academic year remaining on campus—with full-time enrollment status during their final year.  All full time WMG COS faculty and staff. 

Walter Maxwell Gibson College of Sciences Undergraduate Research Application

Any questions about research opportunities should be directed to cos_deansoffice@suu.edu.