Cyber Security at SUU and Beyond

Cyber security is not just the responsibility of security professionals, but all have a role to play in protecting and defending personal and organizational information and systems. Confidentiality, Integrity, and availability are core concepts in creating a cyber security strategy that helps everyone be involved in protecting information and systems.

The SUU Center of Academic Excellence is an umbrella organization on campus that includes:

  • The Center for Digital Forensics & Malware Analysis (Completion Date: December 2017)
    • Provides a secure area to perform digital forensic analysis for campus and community partners.
    • Provides the ability to reverse engineer malware for research and to contribute to a better understanding of malware so as to better protect against these types of attacks.
  • A Security Operations Center (Completion Date: December 2017)
    • Provides monitoring capabilities for campus and community partners with the goal of reducing the detection-compromise gap.

Community and Industry partners include :