CSCY Partners

The CSIS department at SUU partners with local, regional, and global companies. These partnerships help provide students with exposure to:

  • Real life projects in the classroom
  • Potential employment opportunities after graduation
  • Internships

Come experience the possibilities!

CSCY Industry Partners

TouchMD Logo


TouchMD provides an interactive experience while educating patients in the exam room. TouchMD is the leading developer in educating patients, recording valuable information and allowing patients to revisit their diagnosis/solution on the Internet. Our client and doctor input shape the future of our product and revolutionizes patient office visits. This development provides a great return on investment by saving time and closing more consultations.

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BusyBusy provides electronic time-tracking software that enhances your company's ability to track your hourly employee's time, and much more.

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Watchman Technologies

Watchman Technologies provides technology strategies, architecture, and other technology solutions.



Innovation at work. Created in conjunction with the Utah Code, Title 63M, the Utah Science Technology and Research (USTAR) governing Authority Act. USTAR has created a number of research teams at different Universities. Spearheading these teams are world-class innovators hungry to collaborate with industry to develop and commercialize new technologies.