Global Canvas Announcements Request

Announcement Guidelines

In addition to being subject to the priority levels listed in the table below, the following guidelines will be utilized to prioritize Global Canvas Announcements:

  • In any given time, there will be a limit of two (2) announcements for students and two (2) announcements for faculty at any given time.
    • If an announcement of a higher priority does come in after approval, we may need to get in touch with the contact to re-evaluate the schedule of lower priority announcement.
    • Note: CTI will post their own announcement for faculty the first week of the semester and post follow up announcements every other week through the semester. This will count as one faculty announcement during the week.
  • 50 word limit for announcement posts, including links
    • Word length of announcements may be shortened based on number of announcements at a time
  • A single image with the maximum dimensions of 900px X 200px
  • Announcements will be limited to 1 week
  • Must be submitted at least three (3) business days prior to posting
    • Emergency announcements which are time sensitive may be an exception to this deadline. In those situations (e.g. Snow Days), the announcement will have a shorter timespan, and three concurrent announcements may exist during this period.
  • Announcements must be relevant to all Students and/or Faculty.

Precedence Table 

Priority Level



Processing Time

Level 1


Emergency Announcements (e.g. Snow Days)

Within 1 Business Day

Level 2

Academic Success

Registration Dates

1-2 Business Days

Level 3

Student Wellness & Retention

Health Center

1-2 Business Days

Not Considered

Department Specific or Student Clubs

Messages about Department Retreats or Student Club Activities



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