Fire Marshal

The campus Fire Marshal is the authority having jurisdiction for fire-safety at Southern Utah University. Fire prevention duties include conducting routine inspections of campus buildings and addressing fire-safety concerns and questions brought up by building occupants or other campus personnel. Fire-safety training is provided to students, faculty, and staff upon request. The fire marshal also reviews documents for new construction, remodeling and renovations, and is responsible for fire protection systems testing and inspections. 

For Fire Training, contact the SUU Fire Marshal’s Office to request. 

Quinn Mathews
Fire Marshal

Tim Roy
Assistant Fire Marshal

SUU Fire Marshal’s office is committed to fire prevention and life safety. The list below indicates ways in which SUU ensures that the buildings meet fire code and are safe for all students, faculty, and staff.

  • Interpreting and enforcing Utah State adopted fire and life safety codes.
  • Plan reviews for all proposed construction and remodel projects.
  • Annual fire safety inspections for all buildings.
  • Quarterly testing and inspection of sprinkler systems.
  • Monthly inspections of fire extinguishers in all buildings.
  • Kitchen hood cleaning every six months.
  • Testing of residential smoke detectors in dorm rooms.
  • Annual fire hydrant flow.

Tips to help SUU Fire Marshal’s office meet fire code in buildings:

  • No storage above 18” in a building that is sprinkled.
  • No storage above 24” in a non-sprinkled building.
  • Clear area in front of fire extinguishers and exit discharge.
  • Keep fire rated doors from being wedged open.
  • No storage in stairwells and exit discharge.
  • Keep the occupancy load in rooms to fire code.
  • Contact Fire Marshal’s office before any event that requires inspection.
  • No candles, candle warmers, scented plug in devices in state owned buildings.
  • Live Christmas trees are prohibited in campus buildings.
  • Keep office and building space clean and free of combustibles.

Permits for all activities controlled by the Fire Marshal’s office can be obtained by calling (435) 559-4602 or (435) 559-0489. Please be prepared to allow up to 48 hours advanced notice for any permit inspection/request.

The following is a list of activities currently requiring a permit from the SUU Fire Marshal’s Office:

  • Hotworks: Any welding, soldering, torch cutting inside or on any SUU buildings.
  • Pyrotechnics: Any outside/inside pyrotechnic display requires a permit from the Cedar City Fire Marshal, proof of insurance, and approval of the SUU Fire Marshal’s office. No club or organization affiliated with SUU shall be allowed to have bonfires on or off campus. No open flame demonstrations are permitted inside of any structure, such as fire dancing.
  • Theatrical fog/haze machines: Any machine that creates theatrical smog/haze for theatrical performances shall be inspected and approved by SUU Fire Marshal’s office prior to any performance/use. 
  • Theatrical Props: Any theatrical props using candles, torches, or flash paper shall be approved by the SUU Fire Marshal’s office.
  • Events:  Any major concert, dance, or club event altering egress of a building shall be approved prior to event.
  • Candles: Candles, candle warmers, scented plug in devices shall not be used in any structure.
  • Christmas trees: Live Christmas trees are prohibited in any structure.
  • Space Heaters: The first thing that should take place if heat is not sufficient to maintain a comfortable working temperature in your work area is to let Facilities Management know that there is a problem by submitting a work order or by calling 435-865-8690. If they cannot resolve the problem, the use of a space heater is allowable; however, they need to be approved through campus Safety and Risk Management and meet the Utah Administrative Code R23-19-4-5 by meeting the following requirements:

The space heater shall:

1. not exceed 1500 watts at its highest setting;
2. be equipped with a self-limiting element temperature setting for the ceramic elements;
3. have a tip-over safety device;
4. be equipped with a built-in timer not to exceed eight hours per setting;
5. be equipped with a programmable thermostat; and
6. be equipped with an overheat protection feature.

Trees and Other Decorations

  1. Live cut trees, natural wreaths, and boughs are NOT permitted in any Southern Utah University facility.
  2. Artificial trees, wreaths, boughs, garland, or other artificial greenery labeled as fire resistant, or flame retardant (UL 2358) are allowed.
  3. Decorations are NOT to be placed in any area that obstructs the usual view of exit signs or any other life safety device (i.e., fire extinguishers, fire alarm pull stations, horn/strobes, fire sprinkler heads and piping, etc.). In addition, decorations are NOT to be hung or placed on fire sprinklers, smoke detectors, emergency lights, or any life safety equipment.
  4. DO NOT hang decorations from the ceiling or ceiling grid.
  5. Large decorations (i.e. Christmas trees) are NOT to be placed in corridors, aisles, stairways, or passageways. DO NOT add decorations to handrails or banisters. If large decorations need to be placed in certain hallways, they must be approved by the University Fire Marshal.
  6. Use plastic or foil decorations such as satin balls, plastic icicles, or holiday ribbon.
  7. DO NOT use combustible material for decorations such as: hay or straw either in loose form or in a bale, dry moss, wood shavings, dry leaves, wood backings, corn stalks, or corn shucks. DO NOT use flammable powders and liquids, plastic sheeting, pallets, untreated cotton batting, flock, paper streamers or confetti in large quantities.
  8. Use paper decorations sparingly and cover no more than 20% of any wall.
  9. Fire and Exit doors shall NOT be decorated or hidden/disguised from view under any circumstances. In addition, decorations on doors shall NOT obstruct views on any door vision panel.
  10. Use of fog machines and dry ice must be reviewed and approved by the University Fire Marshal.  
  11. Use of open flames, lit candles, candle warmers, including plug-in warmers, electric candle warmers (aka wax burners), burning incense, etc., are prohibited year-round by the State of Utah Division of Risk Management in accordance with Administrative Code R23-19-4 Section 4.  Use of open flames or candles in a controlled environment must be reviewed and approved by the University Fire Marshal.

Decorative Lights and Electrical Hazards

  1. Strobe lighting for indoor use is to be reviewed and approved by the Office of Enterprise Risk Management.
  2. Extension cords and electrical decorations must be placed in a way that prevents them from becoming a trip hazard. For example DO NOT run extension cords through doorways and aisleways. Electrical decorations should not be placed on floor surfaces to avoid incidents of electrical shock.
  3. Power strips and extension cords may NOT be daisy-chained or piggy-backed (multiple power strips or cords plugged in together). Only UL1 (UL1363 listed) power strips can be used.
  4. Power strips, extension cords, and electrical decorations shall be inspected before use. These items should be checked for fraying, twisting, exposed copper wiring, missing grounding plug, burn marks around the electrical socket, and loose or damaged sockets. If these items are deemed too damaged to use, they shall be disposed of immediately. Report damaged building electrical equipment such as electrical outlets/receptacles to the Facilities Management Department. 
  5. Exterior lights and decorations must be plugged into an outlet designed for exterior use (GFCI). 
Use LED lighting ONLY. No more than three sets of holiday LED lights may be connected together.