Hazardous Chemical Awareness

Chemicals listed as hazardous are to be brought to campus in limited quantities and for unique purposes. Non-hazardous alternatives for all chemicals should be considered and used whenever possible to protect those involved with the transport, use, storage, and observation of activities where hazardous chemicals are involved. Consultation with Enterprise Risk Management should occur before bringing hazardous chemicals to campus to ensure that alternatives have been evaluated, proper storage and use conditions can be met, and disposal plans can be established. The management and responsibility for any hazardous material shall remain that of the designated full-time university employee who is qualified, competent, and responsible for procuring the hazardous material. This employee will be accountable for the hazardous material from when it arrives on campus until the point it can be legally and adequately disposed of. The Office of Enterprise Risk Management is available for consultation but will not manage any hazardous material belonging to other departments while it is on campus. However, Facilities Safety & Risk Management may be contacted to coordinate proper hazardous chemicals waste disposal.

The development of written safety programs for the management of hazardous chemicals is the responsibility of the department using the hazardous chemicals. These written plans must be available for review and use by those handling, using, and disposing of the hazardous chemicals for which the plan is written.