Waivers and Assumptions of Risks

As the outing leader, you'll need each of your participants to complete an SUU waiver. This helps protect you (and Southern Utah University) from legal liability should either (or both) be listed as a defendant in future lawsuits. Utah courts have consistently upheld waivers for recreational, educational, and athletic outings similar to those many of you will be facilitating, even when there was clear evidence of negligence by the defendants. Waivers need to be filled out completely and kept on record for several years beyond the date of the outing, even if no significant incident occurred. Many legal advisers recommend keeping waivers at least seven years due to statutes of limitation laws. So get a box and let them collect dust in a closet, or scan them and have pdf versions stored securely in digital format.

Below are links for two versions of SUU waivers, if you're using university vehicles for your outing you'll only need to have participants complete the first one. If participants car pool as part of your outing, you'll also need them to complete the second. As a side note on transportation, if you drive your personal vehicle as part of the outing, even if it's directly related to your job, you are NOT covered by the university insurance policies. All liabilities and coverage are yours to bear if an incident occurs. Therefore, it's in your best interest to protect yourself and avoid using your own vehicle for University related outings of any kind.

Print one or both of the waivers linked below for every person attending your outing. Review each waiver to assure each section needing initialed is complete and that the bottom portion is signed and dated, when a participant is a minor a witness must also sign the waiver. Store the completed waivers for a very long time (minimum of 7 years), even if an incident hasn't occurred.