Enterprise Risk Management Committee (ERMC)

The Southern Utah University Enterprise Risk Management Committee (ERMC) serves a dual role in protecting and advancing the mission and vision of the University by fostering an institution-wide culture of risk and opportunity awareness. The Committee provides a structured, consistent, and continuous process for the early and proactive identification and reporting of material risks and opportunities to the President’s Cabinet. Please refer to SUU Policy 13.11 for more information about the ERMC’s role on campus.

Meet the Members of the ERMC

Voting Members - President’s Cabinet 

VP for Finance & Administration - Marvin Dodge (Chair) 

Provost & VP for Academic Affairs - Jon Anderson

VP for Student Affairs - Jared Tippets

VP for Alumni & Community Relations - Mindy Benson (Interim President) 

VP for Advancement & Enrollment Management - Stuart Jones

Athletic Director - Debbie Corum 


Advisory Members & Support Staff

General Counsel - Maureen Redeker

Executive Director of ERM, Compliance & Safety - Michael Humes  

Director of Internal Auditor - Steven Carpenter

AVP, Facilities Management - Tiger Funk 

AVP, Finance & Administration - Mitch Bealer 

Executive Director of Marketing & Communications - Nikki Koontz 

Dean of Students - Heather Ogden 

Director of Human Resources - David McGuire 

Associate Provost - Johnny MacLean

Chief Information Officer - Matt Zufelt 

Director of IT Security - Jim Shakespear

Chief Diversity Officer - Daneka Souberbielle 

Executive Director of Aviation - David Dyches (Designee)

Executive Director of Aviation - Michael Mower 

Chief of Police and Emergency Management - Chief Rick Brown

Deputy Athletic Director for Finance & Administration - Nate Esplin

AVP Enrollment Management - Brandon Wright

Committee Support Staff - Assistant to the VP for Business Strategy - Trisha Robertson