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Stacie Webster ('02)

Stacie Webster ('02)
SUU to Broadway

Originally published on July 13, 2016.

Before she mastered walking, Stacie Webster (’02) began dancing. With a ballet bar in her basement and her mother as her instructor, this 2-year-old became obsessed with moving and the art of dance.

“I never did it for the sparkles or tutus,” explained Stacie. “It wasn’t a casual hobby for me, from day one I was a dancer and I took it seriously.”

Growing up in Cedar City, Stacie took part in competitive dance teams in high school but wanted to see if she could find a place in the dance profession.

“Pursuing dance academically was entirely different than dancing on the drill team. I learned about the people who shaped the dance world, and I wanted to be one of them,” said Stacie.

So with bags packed she moved to New York City to chase her star-studded dream and soon after her name appeared in the marquee lights.

After arriving Stacie established the Handcart Dance Company and in 2008 her dance troupe preformed in Webster Hall. Since then Stacie was hired as an instructor and rehearsal coach at Broadway Dance Center, an elite performing arts center for young professionals that are aspiring to be on the stage.

With her students ranging from 9 to 18-years-old, and with many performing in lead roles in Broadway shows such as Kinky Boots and Matilda, Stacie’s students bring intensity and drive to her classes that leave her awestruck.

“Every time I stand in front of my class I feel like I have the future of dance behind me,” she commented. “They’re so young but are professional dancers.”

Along with being on faculty, Stacie also founded Project Boot Camp, a dance-training program to help dancers transition from recreational to professional dance. “I am taking my technical and classical background of dance that I learned at SUU and teaching that to my dancers,” remarked Webster. 

Stacie graduated with a degree in Dance Performance. Learn more about the program.