Faculty Senate President Election

Voting will be open March 30 - April 5, 2017.

David Berri headshot

David Berri, Professor of Economics

I came to Southern Utah University in 2008 as a tenured associate professor of economics (after spending time at two other institutions) and was promoted to full professor in 2010. Across my career I have taught 18 different courses in economics, but at SUU I primarily teaching U.S. Economic History and Sports Economics. More recently I have begun teaching Gender Economics.

As for my research, I am the lead author of two books – The Wages of Wins (with Martin Schmidt and Stacey Brook; Stanford Press) and Stumbling on Wins (with Martin Schmidt; Financial Times Press) – written for a general audience on the subject of sports and economics. In December of this year, MacMillan Education will publish Sports Economics, my first (and last) textbook. In addition, I have more than 40 papers accepted and/or published in refereed journals in the field and at least a dozen additional papers published in academic collections. Beyond this academic work, he has also written more than 100 stories for the popular press, including stories for The New York Times, Time.com, the Atlantic.com, Vice Sports, and the Huffington Post. A significant part of all this writing examines decision-making by managers in professional sports and the tendency of sports to exploit the labor sports employs.

I have spent a number of years on the faculty senate at SUU. Across the past year I have been working to change faculty pay on this campus. SUU faculty are among the lowest paid faculty in the state of Utah. Meanwhile we are told that SUU is one of the best regional schools in the Western United States. The quality of SUU is primarily about the faculty that work here. We are the people who teach the students and without us there literally is no school. It is time our compensation is consistent with the quality of the product the faculty at SUU is producing and as Faculty Senate President this will be my primary focus. I should note, though, that even if I am not Faculty Senate President I will continue to work to change faculty compensation at SUU.

Daniel Eves headshot

Daniel Eves, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Hello, I am Daniel Eves. I received a B.S. in Chemistry from Southern Utah University in 2001 and a Ph.D. in chemistry from Penn. State University in 2007, where I worked on measuring neurotransmitter release from an artificial synapse using electrochemistry. After completing my degree, I was a post-doctoral associate at Brigham Young University for two years, where I taught introductory chemistry and researched microfluidic devices.

When I left SUU, I always thought that I would like to end up at a place like SUU, with dedicated faculty and great student opportunities. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be able to teach here, so when I was hired in 2009, I couldn’t believe my luck. Since I have first-hand knowledge from my undergraduate experience, about the benefits of SUU to the students, it was recommended to me that I become familiar with the school policies to understand how the university works from the faculty side. I have taken that advice to heart, by reading policies as needed and hope that I can strengthen my knowledge of the universities polices as I continue to serve this wonderful institution.

While at SUU, I have had the opportunity to serve in a variety of ways, including a statewide math general education task force, a faculty workload focus group and an early alert task force for student retention. Over this past year, I have enjoyed learning about the internal workings of the faculty senate first hand as a COSE senator and hope to continue working with my fellow senators for the benefit of all faculty.

Derek Hein headshot

Derek Hein, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Derek Hein obtained his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Central Michigan University in 2000. After serving as Department Chair in the Department of Mathematics and Physics at Oklahoma Panhandle State University, he came to SUU in the summer of 2004 as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics. He obtained a tenure-track position the next year, and was tenured in 2012 as an Associate Professor of Mathematics. In addition to being involved in the Jumpstart Program this year (as a teacher of statistics) and being a new Honors Program instructor (for a Calculus II course), his research agenda has produced a publication each year for the last 8 years. He has helped grade AP Calculus examinations for the last 13 years. He served as First Vice-Chair of the Intermountain section of the Mathematical Association of America 2012-2014. He was the Outstanding Mathematics Faculty Member in CIET in 2010. He served on the Faculty Senate 2009-2012 and again 2013-2016. He is currently the Chair of his Department's LRT committee, and serves on his College's Faculty Review Board.

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