Finding Scholarship Opportunities

Private Scholarships

There are numerous scholarship opportunities that you can apply for nationally and locally. To start the process of applying for private scholarships you may visit any of the following websites:


There are other websites out there, but you should always check to make sure that the scholarship websites that you visit are legitimate.

Important: Never pay for a scholarship website or application, and avoid giving out personal information such as your social security number.

Many of these websites will require you to create profiles where you detail important information about yourself to find the scholarships best suited for you. The applications may ask about extracurricular activities, volunteer efforts, and your GPA among other items. To help simplify the application process, you may create a scholarship resume which will maximize your opportunities significantly. The Utah System of Higher Education has created a scholarship resume template labeled as the scholarship toolkit for you to complete which may be obtained at

Tips to Remember for Private Scholarships:

  1. Apply for scholarships with lower dollar amounts too. Every dollar counts!
  2. Make a quota for yourself to apply for as many scholarships as you can each month.
  3. Check with your high schools, and local businesses to see what they have to offer.
  4. Stay persistent. The opportunities are out there!
  5. If you meet the majority of the scholarship requirements, apply for it.

Writing Scholarship Essays

Scholarship providers will be looking at thousands of essays at a time, and applying for scholarships can be an overwhelming process to begin. As you go through your scholarship search, you will start to notice that many scholarship providers are asking similar questions. Over time, the process will become much easier since you will be writing and already have great essays written that you can refine and reuse. If you are hesitant about starting you can use the resource at as a guide.

Make sure that your scholarship essays are original, and help the reader to understand your ambitions. You should also have someone proofread your essay to make sure that it flows and includes relevant information. Always remember, we are here to help you if you are unsure where to start!

Looking for Housing?

Southern Utah University has an awesome scholarship opportunity that you can apply for to help with your housing costs. The Leavitt Land Scholarship Housing application may be completed on November 1st. With this scholarship you will be placed into an off-campus unit, and have 75% of your total housing costs covered. The scholarship can be kept for up to four years, and you get to keep more money in your pocket! Make sure to apply by February 1st. 

Funding for the Future

Once you become a student at Southern Utah University, you will have an opportunity to gain additional scholarships through your department and from university donors. Make sure that you contact the head of your department once you are enrolled to create the relationships that will help you to network, to gain experience in your field, and to secure scholarships during your time at SUU.

Make a Habit

Once you get on campus, you will want to make sure to check in with the SUU Financial Aid Office periodically so that you don’t miss out on other scholarship opportunities. Make it your responsibility to understand your options once you become a student!

You will also have the opportunity to get more involved through leadership positions and student clubs which can lead to additional funding and help build a strong resume.