SUU First Year Experience and Orientation

ACES Program

ACES = Assistant Coach for Excellence and Success

ACES work with Student Success Advisors to ensure each student thrives in their experience here at SUU through personal outreach and one-on-one academic advising. Along with this, ACES refer students to resources and activities to provide them with opportunities for success and support.

Mission Statement: The ACES mission is to treat each student in a holistic manner to ensure successful and meaningful experiences, both inside and outside the classroom, which ultimately contribute to completion, successful careers, and fulfilled lives.

ACES serve as personal peer-mentors to each first-year student at SUU. As upper class students, ACES have survived the challenges associated with the freshmen year and can be a wonderful support by providing you with relevant resources, connections, and helpful tips on how to succeed as a student at SUU, both inside and outside the classroom.

As an incoming student, you will be assigned an ACE the summer before you start your first year at SUU (usually in April or May). Your ACE will reach out to you on a regular basis throughout the summer to ensure all your questions are answered, you have completed your online orientation modules, and have finished your new student checklist. ACES then guide you through Thunder U (the required in-person orientation the week before school starts) and will then continue to mentor you during your first year at SUU.

After the summer, plan on meeting with your ACE once each semester (fall and spring) during your first year at SUU. These one-on-one meetings provide a unique opportunity to speak with a fellow student who is trained, has been where you have been, and can help you with any concern you might have. In conjunction with these one-on-one meetings, ACES also provide the following to better serve you:

  • Work directly with various offices across campus, including Orientation and First Year Experience, Parent and Family Services, Academic Advising, Financial Aid, Registrar, Cashier, International Affairs, Center for Diversity and Inclusion, SUUSA, Veterans, Non-Traditional Office, Student Support Services, and the Career Center to ensure ACES provide you with relevant, applicable, and timely information.
  • Provide a wide array of introductory communication to you to ensure you start off on the right foot and complete everything that is required of you before you start school at SUU.
  • Facilitate unique, personalized visits to SUU for you and your families.
  • Help you answer questions or guide you to the proper resource for tutoring, financial questions, academic concerns, roommate issues, proper time management, registration issues, career and/or major questions, employment, etc.
  • Ensure every opportunity is afforded to you to be involved in extracurricular groups and activities at SUU.
  • Provide outreach to you to discuss registration, tuition, holds, scholarship step-down program, housing, repayment plans, orientation, and much more.
  • Meet regularly with you to discuss concerns and ways to improve your experience at SUU.
  • Organize and help with numerous campus events, including CampusConnect, Orientation, Comeback Kid, Rock the Finals, social media blitzes, recruit back campaigns, tailgates, parent and family weekend, Thunder U and so much more.
  • Visit classes to help educate students on the various resources at SUU that can help students academically, mentally, physically, and socially.
  • Be your friend, mentor, and advocate at SUU. In sum, be your one-stop shop for all your questions, concerns, and assistance.