Governor Honors Academy FAQ's

The Governor's Honors Academy is a unique experience. Only the top 50 Junior students who apply are able to attend this prestigious academy. As a participant, you will make incredible friendships while pursuing the quest of academic knowledge. During the nine days of The Academy, you will participate in dozens of speakers and workshops. You'll explore the world through the arts, sciences, social sciences and come to understand a variety of perspectives. It is hard to describe the GHA experience - the best way to learn about GHA is to attend. So submit your application today. You can view the blog from last year's GHA experience by going to PAST GHA.

The 2024 Governor's Honors Academy will be held on June 20th - 28th at Southern Utah University.

The cost is $1300.00. However, participants are given information on seeking sponsors to help cover the cost of attendance.
No, but it is recommended.
We evaluate the courses you have taken and the level of difficulty of those courses.
The application process is designed to review each student individually and identify the top qualified applicants based on a holistic approach. Applicants are reviewed for the academic rigor in their coursework, community and school involvement, writing ability, and creativity.
It's hard to describe all that takes place during GHA. We spend a lot of time learning and a lot of time playing. We participate with multiple renowned speakers, hold small group interactive sessions to promote leadership and self-awareness and attend the National parks. We also hold a GHA Dance, talent show, and swimming party. We are often busy from before sun up and don't retire until after the sun has gone down- You won't be bored.
The $1300 covers lodging, meals, transportation during the academy, and all scheduled activities. Individual spending money is optional.
We receive between 250-300 applications each year. We typically accept 50 participants each year.
The deadline for the application is March 4th by 12:00pm (Noon), 2024. No postmark documents are accepted.
The completed application with all required documents must be emailed by noon on March 1st, 2024.