University Housing (UH) At-A-Glance

University Housing (UH) is an auxiliary unit within the SUU Division of Student Affairs, which is led by the Vice President for Student Affairs. Student Affairs is a group of key campus offices, including University Police, Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Involvement and Leadership and others charged with supporting and challenging each student at Southern Utah University with co-curricular activities and leadership opportunities that enhance the academic experience.

University Housing Staff

UH is proud of its many professional and student staff members who work tirelessly to ensure that our residence halls are communities of care, fun, and academic success.

Central Office Staff

The UH central office staff, including the Director of University Housing, Facilities Manager, Hall Operations Specialist, and the department Administrative Assistant, is responsible for the administrative direction of all housing facilities. The central office staff provides the foundation for a successful community and academic experience by mitigating the stress and uncertainty that comes from transitioning into a new environment.

University Housing Maintenance (UHM) and Custodial (UHC)

The fulltime and student staff members that make up the UHM and UHC staffs are dedicated to providing safe, clean, and comfortable Residence Hall facilities that are conducive to academic success. In addition to maintaining and cleaning the common space in each of the halls, the maintenance and custodial staffs respond to Maintenance Requests (MR) - submitted online - when items are damaged or in disrepair in apartments, suites, bedrooms and any common spaces.

In-Hall Staff

Assistant Director & Community Coordinator (AD/CC)

These professional and student staff members have vast experience within student housing and serve as the primary supervisor for the RAs in each residence hall. Coordinators are primarily responsible for facilitating collaboration among the residents, RAs, Community Attaches and other UH staff to aid in forming caring relationships and building inclusive communities.

Resident Assistant (RA)

RAs are student leaders who live on each floor in the residence halls and work with the residents of their floor to ensure community safety, build an inclusive community, and serve as a role model balancing academic success and active engagement with the University at large. RAs go through extensive training annually and are an excellent resource for all residents and students at SUU.


UH is committed to making sure residents feel at home while in on-campus housing and the following information describes the creature comforts provided in hopes of accomplishing that goal.

Housing Courtyard

There are BBQ and tables located between Eccles B and Cedar Hall South. Feel free to use these areas. We only ask that you clean up after yourself, leaving the area neat and ready for use by the next person or group. Although these areas are outside, they are also very close to the buildings so please keep the noise level reasonable. Please use common sense when you are around fire. We do not provide charcoal, lighter fluid, or matches. Please be aware that none of the above may be brought into or stored in the residence halls.

Common Areas, Multipurpose Rooms and Study Rooms

Within our residence halls there are several rooms and areas that may be utilized by residents and may also be reserved. This can be done at the University Housing office. The rooms include:

  • Eccles - The Getaway and Conference Rooms
  • Cedar Hall- Group Study Rooms, Kitchens and T.V. Lounges
  • Founders Hall - Group Study Rooms

Laundry Rooms

Laundry rooms with low-cost, coin operated washers and dryers are located on each floor in The Cottages, on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Founders Hall, on the first floor of every Eccles building and on each floor in Cedar Hall.  Laundry facilities are only to be used by on-campus residents and in their specific building. If you lose money in a washer or dryer, a refund will be given at the UH office on weekdays between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Important Information and Processes

The following information is intended to explain those processes that may be of concern to our residents. Please contact your RA, Coordinator or the UH office if you have questions.

Abandoned Property

Items left in any public or common space in or around a UH facility may be deemed a potential fire hazard, safety risk, unsightly obstruction and/or inconvenience to the community. University housing staff will remove and impound the item(s) and consider the property abandoned. Any personal property abandoned in a vacant apartment or elsewhere within or on the premises will be relocated to the Housing Custodial office for a period of 30 days. The unclaimed property will then be disposed of or donated to a charitable organization. University Housing will not be responsible for damage or loss of any personal property left or abandoned on UH premises.

Advertising and Posting

RAs will regularly post information throughout the residence halls regarding the many activities in the halls and around campus. All non-UH postings and advertisements, including those generated by residents, must be approved in the UH office before posting. Approved non-UH postings will carry the University Housing stamp.

Bicycle Storage

Bicycles are not permitted inside the residence halls for any reason in order to maintain high-quality and clean facilities as well as prevent confusion and harm in the event of an emergency evacuation. Bicycle racks are provided around each of our communities and are reserved for use by residents and guests (on a short-term basis only). You may not store or leave bicycles on sidewalks or entryways. This prohibition includes the exterior walkways, hallways and handrails at The Cottages. Bicycles left in these areas are subject to removal, followed by disposal after 30 days. To protect your bicycle, store it on the bicycle rack located closest to your hall. UH does not assume any responsibility for bicycles. All bicycles must have an SUU bike permit sticker. SUU bike permits are available to residents at no cost. Abandoned bicycles will be gathered by SUU University Facilities and donated at the end of the academic year.

Cable Television

Basic cable service is provided to individual rooms and apartments, except The Cottages. Illegal hook-up of cable TV is prohibited and may result in criminal prosecution and/or UH disciplinary action. Independent service providers that require additional wiring or mounting of antennas or satellite dishes are prohibited.

Check In and Check Out

It is vital that you complete all paperwork and attend all meetings related to your check in and check out from the residence halls. These meetings include, but are not limited to, an opening and closing floor meeting during each semester and a room inspection, or check-out appointment. In addition to the Housing Application and Agreement (Sections 9 and 13), your RA and UH will provide information in the weeks leading up to the end of each semester to assist you in completing this process properly. After making a check-out appointment, your RA will bring the correct paperwork to your appointment. You are responsible for turning this paperwork in and paying any charges incurred. Your RA will list any discrepancies between the Room Condition Report and actual room condition. This list will then be supplied to the UH professional staff to determine the total amount of damage and cleaning charges and the date full payment is due. Failure to pay your balance in full may result in a hold on your University account.

Common Space Furniture and Usage

Furniture and equipment located throughout the residence halls is intended for community use. Inappropriate use, rearranging, removing, or damaging this furniture and equipment is prohibited. Furniture provided in apartments and suites should likewise remain in their respective locations. Any of the above may result in action through the University Conduct System and/or charges to an individual or group of residents.


UH will operate under Southern Utah University’s policy 11.3, which describes the University’s intent to comply with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA or the Buckley Amendment). It is important that all residents understand that information shared with a fellow resident or staff member, student or professional, must be shared with the appropriate supervisor or staff member when any resident’s safety is in question or a Community Standard, University policy, or law has been violated.

Conserving Energy

Fuel and power expenses make up a large percentage of the UH budget. Our energy comes from resources that should be conserved for future use. In order to do your part, please: turn off lights when not in use; wash only full loads of laundry; and keep windows and doors closed to ensure proper operation of the heating and cooling systems.


In order to protect University Housing facilities, residents cannot make changes to the walls, ceilings, doors, floors, windows, or furnishings that would result in damage or permanently alter the original appearance. Nails, tacks, or items that would leave a hole or residue on any surface are prohibited. Violations of this policy will result in a charge on your account. Your RA can give you more information about how to appropriately hang items on your walls. Be aware you do this at your own risk.

Health and Safety Inspections

UH will conduct inspections at least once in the fall semester and once in the spring semester and reserves the right to conduct more frequent inspections as necessary. At least one resident of each apartment or room should be present for the inspection. The inspection will include a thorough evaluation of all areas of the apartment or room. An RA and at least one other UH staff member will be present. Repairs or replacement of damaged items as well as charges or judicial action may result from these inspections.

Internet Connection

All residents have access to an internet connection in their residence hall room and will receive information about connecting their computer during check-in. Speeds in some areas may be affected by the volume of users and on-line gaming. Personal routers may also negatively affect the network and are prohibited.

Insurance and Liability

UH and Southern Utah University assumes no responsibility for loss of (or damage to) clothing, valuables, money, or other personal property from fire, theft, malfunction of mechanical equipment, water damage, or other causes. Each resident is encouraged to confirm that his/her family’s homeowner’s insurance policy covers student housing or acquire renter’s insurance available through most major insurance carriers.

Lockouts and Rekeys or Replacements

All residents receive keys during the check-in process that will allow them to access their building and bedroom 24 hours a day when the residence halls are open. Occupancy officially begins when you accept your key during move-in. Charges will result when keys are lost or must be replaced and when residents are locked out. There is a $75 charge to replace lost metal keys (used in The Cottages, Founders Hall and Cedar Hall) because a rekey of the lock must be completed. Any time staff is called upon to assist students in gaining access to a bedroom, suite or apartment the student will be charged $5 If you are locked out of your room between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday you can go to the UH office in Eccles A for assistance. A staff member will verify your room assignment and let you into your room. A $5 charge will be assessed to your account for each lockout after the first week of classes. The fees do not compound based on the number of doors to which you need access. After 5:00 p.m. and all weekend long, residents should call the RA on Duty for their building when locked out. This call will prompt the same $5 fee to be assessed.

Maintenance Requests

Routine Maintenance Requests (MR) can be completed online through the myHousing portal. If you become aware of an emergency maintenance concern you should call the UH office (435-586-7966) between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. or the RA on Duty from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 am Monday through Friday and 24 hours a day on Saturday and Sunday so that immediate action can be taken. Completing an MR automatically grants UH Maintenance or UH Custodial staff permission to enter your apartment, suite or bedroom (this access is implied in the Housing Application and License Agreement) as necessary to complete the work. UHC and UHM staff may not be able to contact you prior to visiting your room and may not be able to complete the work requested depending on the condition of the room.


Information about SUU parking policies and how you can obtain a University parking decal is provided by SUU Parking.

Vehicles parked in the lots adjacent to any residence hall must have a University Housing parking permit. You must show your vehicle registration and driver’s license and the appropriate permit will be issued.

We ask that you not drive motorized vehicles of any type on the lawns or sidewalks. Parking in service driveways, red zones, yellow zones, reserved parking, or handicapped spaces without the appropriate permit is prohibited. Violations may result in a ticket, fine, or judicial action through the University Conduct System.

Residence Hall Closures

Cedar Hall North and South are closed during Winter Break, but will remain open for all other breaks and holidays including Thanksgiving, Easter and Spring Recess. The residence halls will close at 12:00 p.m. (noon) on the Saturday after Finals, and reopen on the Sunday prior to the start of Spring Semester, at 12:00 p.m. (noon). If you wish to remain in University Housing during winter break you must sign up for an Academic Year Plus agreement and reside in Eccles Living and Learning Center, Founders Hall or Ponderosa Terrace.

Resident Assistant on Duty (RA On-Duty)

There is a RA On- Duty for each of our residence hall communities. The RA On- Duty is a student staff member available to respond via phone or in person between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and 24 hours a day Saturday and Sunday for all emergency situations. There are always RAs On- Duty when the University is open and classes are in session. Although RAs understand their commitment to their communities is comprehensive, it is important that residents and residents’ families understand the RA On- Duty is a student also and should therefore only be utilized as needed (i.e. crisis and emergency situation). Misuse of the RA On- Duty phone number is considered a serious offense and may lead to removal from the residence halls.

RA on Duty Phone Numbers:

  • Founders Hall and The Cottages: 435-704-1151
  • Eccles Living Learning Center: 435-559-5690
  • Cedar Hall: 435-592-5185
  • In cases of emergency, residents should call 911 for immediate assistance.

Room Assignments and Requests for Change

Requests for room or hall changes may be made online at MyHousing. A request to move does not guarantee a room change will be approved. UH must approve any room or hall change before any belongings are moved or keys are issued. All communication concerning room changes will take place through email. Any student found to have moved without approval will be required to return to the original assigned room and may face judicial action and/or fines.

A $50 fee is assessed for voluntary room changes. All room changes and related paperwork must be completed within 72 hours of the approval of the change (typically between Tuesday and Thursday), after which a pro rata rent will be charged on both rooms as per contract rates.

UH reserves the right to require residents to change rooms and halls with proper notice in cases of administrative need or to protect the safety, security, community integrity, and academic success of any resident or consolidation. This may or may not be done as a result of a decision through the University Conduct System.

Room Entry

UH reserves the right to enter resident rooms for the purpose of health and safety inspections and to make improvements or repairs. In such cases, UH will make every effort to give a few hours notice, but this notice is not guaranteed. Additionally, UH may, without notice, enter and conduct an administrative search of a student’s room to investigate suspected violations of University policy and/or Community Standards, where there is possible threat to life or property or where the general welfare of residents or the University community is concerned.

UH staff may enter residents’ rooms for the purpose of conducting room/apartment condition reports and/or completing checkout paperwork. This will usually occur within 24 hours of a resident room change, entering/vacating a housing assignment, or at the end of a housing license agreement period.

Roommate Agreement

Within the first two weeks after checking into your room, you and your roommates and/or the residents with whom you share an apartment or suite, will complete a Roommate Agreement with your RA. The Roommate Agreement document is not intended to be a comprehensive contract for how you will act around your roommates, but as a guideline for conduct in shared and private space accessible to those you live with and near. The Roommate Agreement will be signed by all parties and kept on file in your Coordinator’s office. Amendment or revision to your Roommate Agreement may take place in a follow-up meeting involving your RA and/or your Coordinator and your roommate(s).

Statement on Inclusive Housing Assignments and Communities

In the interest of creating inclusive communities and in an attempt to include every individual student, University Housing is committed to policies of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity, and pursues affirmative action with regard to race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, status as an individual with a disability, religion or faith system, and status as a veteran with a disability or a veteran of the Vietnam era. The long standing tradition of Southern Utah University and UH is to treat each individual with a unique respect worthy of their membership in a community of learners. It is the commitment of the current staff that this continues in perpetuity.

It is important to consider that UH will make individual room assignments on the basis of the legal gender of the student. When a student’s gender identity is different than that which has been legally assigned to them, they should contact University Housing at to see if additional accommodations can be made.

SUU will seek to place all students in the room, suite, or apartment option that best suits their needs. Whenever possible, the University will honor requests based on gender identity. If this is not possible, legal gender will be used to determine housing placement.