Learning Communities

College is more than just computers and classrooms. It's about people and experiences. Become part of a intellectual community before you ever step foot on campus with Learning Communities at University Housing. By interacting with students that have similar academic and social interests in University Housing, you’ll more easily meet the T-Birds who will soon become lifelong friends.

In addition to surrounding yourself by peers of similar interests, students who live in Learning Communities or join Interest Groups gain exclusive programming and invites to targeted social events, all at no additional cost.

Find Your Community or Group

Learning Communities are students who share a similar academic or social interest and live on the same floor or in the same room.

Interest Groups are students that share similar hobbies or social interests, but may live in different buildings. These groups gather for special events and activities.

Check out the variety of communities available at SUU!

Interest Groups :

Learning Communities in the Eccles Living Learning Center:

How to join a Learning Community:

Follow the instructions on the application page. The steps required for future residents are different than for current residents.