Submit an Off-Campus Housing Option

I agree to the following as conditions of posting a residential space on the SUU website, and if I am not in compliance, I understand that I am not permitted to post a residential space on the SUU website:

  • I am in compliance with all zoning and city ordinances related to leasing dwelling space within a private residence and have obtained any required licenses, such as from the City.
  • The residential space I intend to list does not include a space where tenants share living spaces with minor children.
  • Posting to this site is provided as a convenience/courtesy only and may be limited, revoked, or otherwise terminated at any time without notice for any reason or no reason.
  • I acknowledge that SUU does not vet potential tenants utilizing this site, including without limitation conducting background checks or verifying any other information. I acknowledge that those verifications and all other activity related to the renting of the residential space is solely between the landlord and tenant and hold SUU harmless for any claims and causes in any way related to the subject matter herein.

If you have a property or spare/private room that you could rent to a student, please fill out the form below and if you have any questions contact our coordinator by emailing or calling 435-865-8580.