Criminal Justice - Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science

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Criminal Justice is a designated major. Students must have a "C-" or better grade in courses required for the major and an overall GPA of at least 2.00.

General Education Core

Course Credit Hours
Core Course Requirements 17-18
Knowledge Areas Requirements 19

University Requirements

Course Credit Hours
BA Degree - Foreign Language/ASL requirement (16 hours or proficiency test)
BS Degree - Math or Science minimum requirement (12 hours)

Core Requirements

Course Title Credit Hours
CJ 1010 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CJ 1300 Introduction to Corrections 3
CJ 1330 Criminal Law 3
CJ 3020 Criminal Justice Management 3
CJ 3270 Criminology 3
CJ 4200 Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice 3
CJ 4990 Criminal Justice Seminar 3
CJ Electives Choose 21 CJ elective credits, no more than 12 of which are lower division 21
Free Electives (includes possible minor and BA/BS requirement) 41-42

Total Credits, BA or BS degree: 120