Political Science and Criminal Justice Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice to encourage a life-long passion for learning and a quest for knowledge by providing an environment that fosters academic excellence and unfettered inquiry. We encourage the development of ethics and values that recognize knowledge in all its diverse and creative forms. The primary goal of our department is to offer excellence in instruction while meeting the academic needs of the students. Our mission is to foster a creative learning environment and assist students through meaningful and relevant experiences to:

  • Promote respect for the diversity of all people as the core of social thought.
  • Guide students in developing analytical, communication, and information-gathering skills.
  • Encourage students to be tolerant, informed, and responsible citizens.
  • Offer opportunities for practical experience through internships, work studies, and memberships in honorary societies in political science and criminal justice.
  • Contribute to the cultural, political and justice development of Southern Utah and the surrounding region.

Political Science Mission Statement

Political Science is devoted to the study of the theory and practice of government and politics. The political science program complements a student's liberal arts education with an emphasis on understanding the theoretical and practical aspects of political philosophy, public law, international relations, and American government and policy. Vocational alternatives for political science majors include teaching, public management, law, and foreign service.

Criminal Justice Mission Statement

The mission of the Criminal Justice program is to provide students with a comprehensive practical and professional knowledge of the Criminal Justice System, consisting of law enforcement, courts, and corrections. Students will develop a knowledge of the application of the law, social sciences, and natural sciences to the problems of crime and delinquency.
We will fulfill this mission statement by:

  • Providing a positive learning environment for students to develop the general working knowledge, ethical foundation, and technical skills to prepare them for professional careers in the Criminal Justice field.
  • Providing well-prepared instruction from knowledgeable and qualified faculty.
  • Providing counsel and guidance regarding career opportunities, including exposure to professional agencies through an internship program.

MPA Mission Statement

Our mission is to:

  • Prepare pre-service and in-service students to meet the challenges of public and nonprofit service.
  • Develop student knowledge and competencies through scholarly activity, experiential learning, and applied research.
  • Ensure the MPA coursework presents a framework of understanding based on academic materials and skill development through activities, projects, and assignments.
  • Promote public service values, leadership and management skills, and ethical decision-making in all aspects of public and nonprofit sector organizations.
  • Ensure our on-campus and online students have comparable academic experiences that develop knowledge and skills for public service